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  1. Softlines Owns My Soul

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    ***this is only for mytime stores, not MAX, sorry***

    Apparently this is a thing - if you go to (do not put www it will not work) you can pull up your schedule from home, even with EHR being down. I had no idea it existed, so here you go.
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  2. Retail Girl

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    It says I don't have access to mytime. (Which is true).
  3. mrknownothing

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    We have a winner!
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  4. The Dude Abides

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    I got the same message.
  5. The mobile version of this is sooooooooo cool and convenient!
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  6. Hardlinesmaster

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    Hi !
    View My Schedule
    You do not have access to myTime. Please contact your ETL-HR if you received this message in error.
    Note: Schedules are subject to change; this schedule is accurate as of the info accessed date and time listed on this page. For the most up-to-date schedule, you can view your schedule at any time.
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  7. doxie71

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    Had the same message. I know my store still uses Max. So like @Softlines Owns My Soul said, it must be fore MyTime stores only.
  8. 61742763

    61742763 New Member

    once i made a username i cant change it?
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  9. Derpy Hooves

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    awesome! thank you
  10. Barcode

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    I try login with my TM# and it says I have to change my password. Asks for current and new PWs (which I enter). When I press the change password button nothing happens.
  11. tgtcpht

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    My schedule on there is wrong, which isn't surprising :rolleyes:
  12. SlapHappy

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    It worked for me. Nice. Thanks!
  13. Rosquo

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    i have mytime at my store yet i can't access this at home! it always says "opps looks like something went wrong" on my macbook! yet, I can pull up the mobile version just fine! i don't understand!
  14. mrknownothing

    mrknownothing re-shop 'til I drop

    On the old forum software, you could go to your user settings and make a one-time change to your username. I'm not sure where to find that now. @Formina Sage, a little help here?
  15. mrknownothing

    mrknownothing re-shop 'til I drop

    You may have to do that in-store.
  16. Barcode

    Barcode Former TM Moderator

    I figured as much :/
  17. 61742763

    61742763 New Member

    yeah, idk what to do, wheres the administrator?
  18. mrknownothing

    mrknownothing re-shop 'til I drop

  19. commiecorvus

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    Here we can't only the boss can.
  20. Barcode

    Barcode Former TM Moderator

    There was a "one time name change" on the old board, not sure if its still in effect here.