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    How many trucks do you take a week?
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    Verbal Job Offer

    When I was externally recruited as a TL, the same thing happened with me. They need you to apply so that you’re in the system - so they can send you the offer on Workday
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    The strange /u/BrianCornell reddit account.

    Look at this comments . It’s a troll
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    Perfect sort (inbound)

    My whole district and most of the group went overnight.
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    Working at Target with an MBA

    Contact a recruiter on LinkedIn. There are always ETL positions available if Target wants you.
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    Perfect sort (inbound)

    I think what he’s getting at - is the key is to set transitions early so that when freight rolls in, the team can push it straight to the floor
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    Perfect sort (inbound)

    @allnew2 I think you should write a perfect sort and stock guide lol
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    Perfect sort (inbound)

    How long did it take you to implement all of this ?
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    Perfect sort (inbound)

    How did this work with Trim a Tree? Did you set it super early ?
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    Perfect sort (inbound)

    Since P1 & Market are coming in at 4 - what are they doing ? Since your inbound team doesn’t come in until 6am?
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    Perfect sort (inbound)

    So do you sort transition onto uboats? Or transition gets sorted into pallets and put immediately in the steel?
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    Perfect sort (inbound)

    A little confused. What’s the difference between this and the normal unload?
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    Perfect sort (inbound)

    This is the first time that I’ve heard of this. Is there a guide for this similar to when sort and stock was released?
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    $200 bonus?

    The OT will mainly be for fulfillment TMs
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    Team Leader Performance Award Bonuses?

    If you received it , it should be under ‘Bonus & One Time Payment History’ as ‘Store Hourly Team Leader Performance Award’ for $500. Only 1-2 TLs per store received it based on mid year calibration.