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  1. Ranger

    Black friday hours

    2:30p-12a! So thankful that most people actually wanted to open on Black Friday Thanksgiving night! I can still enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, and get a full night of sleep before coming into work. :victory:
  2. Ranger

    Store wont give us a fan for truck unload :/

    We have a fan that is attached to the wall next to the truck unload door, and it swivels around, so that it blows inside of the truck while we work. When we're done or don't need it, we just push it around so it's not in the way. We would die in there without it!
  3. Ranger

    Working one day a week

    I started my F/T job back in September, and I'm still working at Target on the weekends. Sometimes I work both Sat and Sun, but most weekends, they just have me working Ad/Instocks Sunday mornings, and it works out nicely for both sides. They have someone who always works the ad on Sunday...
  4. Ranger


    With enrollment coming up, I have a question. I would like to keep my 401k for now, until I can transfer it over to my new job's account (when it starts in March). Anyway, if I do NOT want ANY medical/dental benefits this year, is there anything I need to do, or not do? All I want this time is...
  5. Ranger

    How to discontinue my benefits?

    So, I started a full time job in the fall, and have been continuing to work at Target on the weekends, just because I need my benefits. Now, this month I should be finding out that I'm hired on by the company (I've been paid through a temp agency the first few months), and thus I will be getting...
  6. Ranger

    MEGATHREAD The Big & Dandy Backroom thread!

    During the rest of the year, our store only has 2 BR TM's (usually one 11-7, the other 12-5:30). But during 4th quarter, we have 4-5 BR Day TM's. And pulls STILL can't get completed...all thanks to P-Fresh and Seasonal!
  7. Ranger

    Extra 10 percent offbrands

    I think that we should just always get the extra 10% (or even just 5%!) off of Target brand products. It would be a great perk/incentive for TMs to buy our own brand.
  8. Ranger

    Black Friday... do I just ring the doorbell?

    I was wondering this myself... I've never opened for BF before (always worked the mid shift). Our store doesn't use the office entrance (nobody there to staff it?) and we just go in the regular doors, where the ETL/TL unlocks the door for us. I'm going to venture a guess and say there will be...
  9. Ranger

    Black Friday Schedule

    So now they switched me from Cashier to Sales Floor (thank you!), since I have only cashiered for one shift in my 3 years of working at Target. I don't think BF is the right day to get a refresher course in cashiering lol. So anyway, I'm working Sales Floor 11:40p-7a. What exactly will I be doing?
  10. Ranger

    Black Friday Schedule

    Thurs/Fri - 11:40pm-7am Cashier... I am normally a Backroom/Instocks TM, and I've only cashiered twice in my 3 years there. This is going to be interesting! Not gonna lie, kinda nervous about it, but excited to see the madness first-hand for the first time (I've always worked the BR Day 11-7:30...
  11. Ranger

    viewing work schedule online?

    Not at all! I go in to check my schedule when I stop by to shop sometimes. I like to know my schedule ASAP lol
  12. Ranger

    Opening at Midnight on Black Friday 2011

    This would not surprise me. It would be purely to compete with 24-hour Walmart down the street!
  13. Ranger

    missoni for target

    As of this morning, my store still had plenty of Missoni product, ready to be bought. Makes sense, considering my store's clientele is not the urban-trendy type lol.
  14. Ranger

    Cardboard trash issue

    One of our older flow team members comes in from 6a-10a on truck days just to do the cardboard (3:30a truck unload). As for trash, the LOD usually takes care of it when the cleaning crew has trash to throw into the compactor.
  15. Ranger


    One of the TM's at my store has been calling it Fresh-P, intentionally trying to get other TM's to say it that way. Makes for a good laugh!:lol2:
  16. Ranger

    Christmas Product...

    We just got our first casepacks of Christmas product of the year off the truck today! Got about 5 or 6 cases of tree stands...LOL:laugh4:
  17. Ranger


    Yeah, I always wondered that too. The first (and only) time I ever went on 'compliance', my TL told me that I needed to see "ETL-HR", and when I walked into her office, she told me I went into compliance. I honestly thought that was a good thing when I heard that, and instantly my mind thought...
  18. Ranger

    Things Target Taught Me The Hard Way

    This, this, this x 10000! Every truck day when I work backroom, I am always finding things that could have easily gone out on an endcap... They have been getting on our flow team's case about checking endcaps, and yet nobody ever bothers to check still, so we end up with 53 jars of JIF peanut...
  19. Ranger

    To that one Team Member I - ARCHIVED

    To the sales floor TM who kept bringing back the back to school backstock this evening... I'm glad you were pushing that stuff, but when you bring back the backstock, is it really necessary to leave one or two items in each 2-tier cart, when there is already a tub AND a flat of BTS backstock...
  20. Ranger

    TM and cell phones

    We're supposed to keep them in lockers, but nobody ever does. We all keep them in our pockets, because you never know in case of emergency. I keep mine on me. I also don't trust the lockers. I like having it on me, because working backroom, I never know when my shift will end, so I need to be...