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    COVID-19 Any employees test positive for COVID-19?

    We had our 1st in mid April, 2nd in May and 3rd in late June. My state has some counties in which require masks and some that do not... Only about half of our guests are wearing them. My store is in a county that doesn't require but the county next to ours does.
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    LOA return position

    My store doesn't have an HR at the moment but that's definitely someone I wouldn't be FB friends with. They really shouldn't friend anyone anyways
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    COVID-19 Any employees test positive for COVID-19?

    They send us texts that say we've had a confirmed case and what day the TM last worked. One of the cases it was super obvious who it was, the others I had no clue who or if I was in close contact with them.
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    COVID-19 Any employees test positive for COVID-19?

    We are up to 3 confirmed cases.
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    Corporate $15

    I started at $7.25 in 2005. I remember gstl'ing for $12 in 2007 and thinking it was sooo much. Ha.
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    Team Lead Positions

    2 setl 2 gm 2 style (1 hasn't started but was hired) 1 closing 1 starbucks 1 market 1 ap (unfilled since last one quit) 1 hr (unfilled since last one quit)
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    Hiring standards stricter now?

    We've been hiring so much since March and still are. Honestly, I'm not sure who is permanent and who is seasonal anymore. We still have TMs on leave. From March.
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    I'm Lost! The REDCard Thread

    "would you like to save 10% by opening up a Target Card today"... every guest, everytime was the drill in the mid 2000s. I never hear guest advocates even ask anymore. Or answering the phone "Thank you for calling Target. Can I help you find something?" Ah, memories.
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    Stepping down as a leader

    During my first stint at Target, we had a TL demote to TM, staying at the same store. He went back to college. Then graduated. Eventually, he became TL again at same store, then SR TL, then ETL then STL
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    During interview, how to state schedule availability?

    I think it's pretty rare that a TL would have limited availability honored. Maybe if you needed to have a certain day off every week, or one night a week you couldnt close or mid for that might be honored without much hassle
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    Why I Didn't Enjoy Target

    I don't mind chatting here and there but some take it too far whilst on the clock. We have several TMs that just stand around talking to each other all day long without doing much else At least make an effort to do something if you're gonna talk to each other your entire shift. At my store it's...
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    Who recently quit at your store?

    We've had 3 TLs quit in the last month. We're a small store, so it's very noticeable.
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    What hours do different departments typically work?

    We have two SETLs, one generally works 9-530s while the other does mids 11-830. Our sales floor TLs usually do 8-430 or 10-630. Closing TL works 2-1030. They all work 40
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    I only worked 10 or so hours while a senior in HS. I worked 40 hrs while in college though. We have high schoolers now that work 30+ though. I wouldn't recommend that much.
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    Avoiding Los Angeles area Targets

    So far this week, we've closed at 5pm, 7pm, 4pm and 8pm. Tomorrow the plan is back to 9. We'll see
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    Store Director Turnover

    Ours has been SD (stl) since 2013 at our store. I think they're fine staying put.
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    Avoiding Los Angeles area Targets

    My store closed at 5 pm yesterday, we didn't kow until after 4. Closing at 8 tonight and tomorrow.
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    COVID-19 Any employees test positive for COVID-19?

    Yes, we've had 1 confirmed and 1 suspected case.
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    Thoughts on extending hazard pay.

    I didn't take a leave and certainly don't blame anyone that did regardless of their reasoning. Hours have been very plentiful at my store and most people that want them have gotten them. We've hired several new people too. I would like the hazard pay to extend though since it's still hazardous.
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    Thoughts on extending hazard pay.

    We've still been scheduled and staying until 1030 (closed at 10 normally), but on the new schedule, I noticed we're only scheduled until 930. Our zone was looking good with that extra hour.