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  1. GlobalJ

    Archived preventing street dates from being pushed early

    Anyone else have this problem? It seems no matter who does tune in Tuesdayalways a electronics TM) , no mater if the batches are marked as such (we use TT and backroom does the pulls) dvds and cds get pushed on Monday. ..every damn week. As a result, guests get mad when they can't buy it. Anyone...
  2. GlobalJ

    Archived HR trends in the workplace

    Hey guys, I need y'all to help me with something rather quick here, my conntact fell through and I am on a deadline :(. TL or above is preferred (Or Annie in HR :)) but not required I'm doing a paper on HR trends and how they affect the workplace. Could you tell me how have you noticed...
  3. GlobalJ

    Archived Red Card Charges

    I woke up this morning and my bank account was in the red. I click on detail to see a charge from the Target Debit Card that I definitely cannot account for ($70 and some change). Does Target lump together charges, penalties etc? Even if, I cannot account for anything that could've made me bounce.
  4. GlobalJ

    Archived The Vibe.

    I know, I know, I've work for Spot long enough I should know this. I have a interview for a internship (with Spot) in a few days and want to know a good way to put "the vibe" into words, in case it comes up. I know how to practice it, but can't think of any strong ways to put it into words...
  5. GlobalJ

    Archived That annoying commercial....

    It seems theres at least one a year, anyone else have to put up with that new commercial in electronics yet? It's the one with the little girl playing the recorder. I was helping set toys today and had to hear it every few minutes, I thought I was going to go insane.
  6. GlobalJ

    Archived Target on a Résumé

    It's time for me to start applying for internships to pursue my future. I was wondering what some good strong bullet points for My time at Target would be for the Résumé. I am trained on sales floor/electronics, cashier, and flow. I am a management major so my time at Target should be of some...
  7. GlobalJ

    Archived Watermelon Oreos

    Has anyone else tried these that we have exclusively? They're actually not that bad.
  8. GlobalJ

    Archived Guests say the darnest things

    I had one earlier but I cant remember it :/
  9. GlobalJ

    Archived Hi all!

    Been with Target since May and I love it. Started as a CA and now i do almost any job the need me for! Im glad to find my experiences are common!