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    Is GSTL role physically strenuous?

    I'm a service and engagement TL and lift a number of 50 pound boxes from floor to sholder daily. I fast walk 15 to 20 k steps a day and regularly push carts. Is it nessisary for me to do that? Probably not but as the most mobile of the team I am usually the most likely person who can. I was a...
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    Team lead shifts

    All of our leads do all three shifts every week. Except our flow TL. Our ETLs and TLs do One or two nights each usually on the weekends sometimes in pairs. They open and mid most other days. Our store thinks it's important we get the whole picture, because we have 3 distinct rushes every day...
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    Team Lead

    It would depend a lot on his ETL and store director. He calls out 3 or 4 times a week? So he only works once or twice a week? Seems like he will have an attendance talk with his higher ups soon if he hasn't already. If he doesn't have a really good reason they will document, coach, and watch for...
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    Voting, election, time off

    Except in California when the minimum will be 15 in a year😒 and in some cities is already more...
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    Anyone have issues with the register computers today?

    All the registers decided to do weird things at once tonight. Many wouldn't print a receipt and got stuck on the "thank you" screen. When I say many i mean like 5, at once! And it happened multiple times during the day. 3 or 4 more refused to sign in... it would just re prompt you over and...
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    People are HORRIBLE on the walkie talkies!!!!

    As an SETL I do the carry outs or grab a cashier, if both are unavailable I will ask for a TM on the floor. when we are busy, my front of the store attendant doesn't have time for your TVs or book cases. I also do the bathroom checks every hour and only call the Front of the store attendant...
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    People are HORRIBLE on the walkie talkies!!!!

    I will expand on that!^^^ Name, come in, Name? Go for Name Switch to 2 please Switching to 2** And at the end of the convo **back to 1**
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    Hours completely reduced

    Yes they have told me so.
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    Hours completely reduced

    Wow! This is crazy and terrible! Can I ask what state? I have 4 excellent TMs on my lanes that are disabled and don't move from area to area. We love them there. They get so many compliments and surveys, they never call out, and I know I can trust them to do right by the guest. I would schedule...
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    I hate my new TL, and everyone's in the same boat.

    I suggest you talk to them about it. Honestly as a team lead they should be able to take the feedback. Nobody likes confrontation but direct is always best. Be firm with your complaints and don't say stuff like "everyone feels..." or "I've heard from a lot of people..." instead stick to what...
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    New software POS closing

    I found the info about the new registers, thanks to you. We are now re banking and using them. I've looked and looked for information about self checkout, and doing the same thing, because you mentioned that. I really want to implement it but I have to show my ETL and SD the proof. Do you know...
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    New software POS closing

    Thank you!
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    New software POS closing

    I'm wondering if you may know where I can find this information on workday? I've discussed it with my leadership team and I seem to be the only one thinking it was meant to be this way, although they all see the merit to it.
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    New software POS closing

    So, like a bunch of stores, we got a software update. It has it's issues but we were told you can still sell after closing the register. Has anyone tried this? Does anyone close all registers at the end of the night then sell things at the end.