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    Archived Thanks, Sandy.

    Saturday night we were sold out of water bread eggs all sizes of water D & AA batteries and by Sunday I know this may sound a Lil odd but we were sold out of all tide laundry soap
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    Archived Prepaid iPhone 4/4S starting tomorrow

    I bought mine yesterday with the phone and survivor griffin case it came to $279 after tax with all the discounts ( employee red card & trade ins) also the tpc is for at least 11/2 for whom all wants the phone
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    Archived Prepaid iPhone 4/4S starting tomorrow

    I'm just curious on how long it lasts bc I def want it but depending on the tpc get it today or payday on the 9th
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    Archived Prepaid iPhone 4/4S starting tomorrow

    We don't have the signs posted at all I only found out 1 day when I was doing a electronics shift but I told the electronics person today & the tl that oversees electronics when I did my normal flow Friday shift
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    Archived Prepaid iPhone 4/4S starting tomorrow

    Has anyon noticed that both IPhones for Virgin Mobile are on a TPC the 4s is on a TPC for $499 & 4 is $399 I scanned it the other day and was shocked to see that it went on a TPC I just didn't get a chance to see how long the TPC is for anyone else run into that? Or have the answer for the...
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    Archived Best middle finger to Target

    When I close I usually end up zoning tapons pads & the gondolas when I'm hardlines
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    Archived One of the many reasons I actually LIKE working at Target!

    My store the majority of us even some tls and etls act as a big family we are always there for 1 another whenever some1 needs help tho as a store right now we are going thru a dark time but we are all pulling together and we are planning a surprise baby shower for a tl of ours
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    Archived Not getting hours!!!!

    I agree I find or am now scheduled 40hrs a week via multiple diff work centers but it also took me almost 6 months of asking to be fully trained throughout the store Then also this past week they tried to cut ALL truck people to 2 4 hour truck shifts a week on a 4 truck day week sat's was...
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    Archived Females not "allowed" to do carts???!!! Give me the vibrator!

    There's nothing like that after me & a coworker challenged our etl's and stl on being gender bias in work centers she wanted to do carts and the gstl's and gsa's backed her up but the etls & stl denied it & I myself had retail clothing experience b4 I came to spot but was told id be better for...
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    Archived Giving rain checks for items that say no rain checks.

    That happended at my store to I let the TL that is over electronics in our store know she looked confused but thanked and vibed me for being amazing and spotting it
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    Archived Fantasy Target

    I just went thru all this and it cracks me up....I might as well get in with the fun if I can
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    Archived Just when i thought my hours were getting better :(

    Hours were cut big time for flow this past wed we are a 4am store unloaders start 330 every1 else 4am once the truck was unloaded and seperated on "pallets" via departments sections and isles they were told to go home no push was done besides the hangwear of softlines of which dayside was told...
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    Archived has anyone else seen the new vibe stuff?

    I think the whole VIBE thing is going to backfire on my store its gotten to the point to where the guests understand that we are understaffed and has at sometimes guests calling for the LODs just to yell at them for not staffing the store so a good 80% of guests are on our side in my store
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    Archived Tips on getting more attachments?

    The Biggest ESP I been gettin this week due to them being advertised with a giftcard is the Kureig's I have 9 for the week so far Sunday alone I got 7 on them I'm just curious if the coffee's the filters and all the little accesories for the kureig's can be considered "attachments" bc that's a...
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    Archived my store morale is going down the toilet

    Seems like my store has a lil bit of everything that is wrong within all your stores combined into 1 ETLs: only are temp ETL is the most friendly helping & knowlegable out of all of em We finally got a stl (3rd 1 in 18months) I do miss the 1st one we had b4 the retirement came that stl...
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    Archived Gift Cards

    I agree with the point of throwing the giftcards away when their is no balance left on it In my store the red generic giftcards are reused constantly esp at the frontend (they have their own slot where they are located) each register has at least 2 stacks of them that gets rubberbanded each...
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    Archived Sexism by Guests?

    I see that a lot at my store from guests & at 1 point from some tl's & etl's ( I accidently made a stand/change without really knowing) we deal with a lot with guests that or sexist & we gotten to a point to where we know their shopping schedule since their regulars & we as a store have dealt...
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    Archived less hours for cafe?

    Id love to cross train there sign me up I been asking for over a year to learn food ave & or guest service but told their was a line of people waiting for both the food ave line is laughably b.s.
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    Archived FLow Information Needed Please

    I shoulda known that I was having a moment or term forgetfulness
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    Archived less hours for cafe?

    our cafe has turned into a roulette wheel besides the normal 2 people that mainly work there are morning cafe person gets there at 8am everyday and cafe is open at 9am but the closing is the biggest issue we've had the cafe close as early as 430pm due to no coverage & or them not wanting to...