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  1. lurker

    Archived alcohol

    Chicago Target plans to serve alcohol Is this real? We don't even sell alcohol at my store. If we did we would make sales on TM purchases alone!;)
  2. lurker

    Archived Target in the news again!

    Regarding Canada Regarding Greggs payout
  3. lurker

    Archived question about corrective action

    If you are on a ca for performance and you get injured on the job, does the time period on the ca stop until you get back to work?
  4. lurker

    Archived Unemployment/underemployment claims

    Our hours have been cut for so long that many TMs are applying for unemployment. It seems that many of the team who have been with our store were actually hired as full-time employees and are now filing unemployment/underemployment claims. My question is: Will excessive claims have any...
  5. lurker

    Archived TM's that give us a bad name ::dash2:
  6. lurker

    Archived TM and cell phones

    What is your store's policy on TM and their cell phones? Can they keep them but vibrating or must they be locked in their lockers etc?
  7. lurker

    Archived Glad this forum is back

    Long time lurker at the old site. Thought I'd introduce myself here. I've been with Target just under two years as Hardlines tm, instocks, remodel tm and now mmb.