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  1. StargazerOmega

    Things might be looking up

    One of my current TLs started as a cart attendant. Best of luck to you.
  2. StargazerOmega

    Does your target still have a food court?

    We got rid of ours in favor of a liquor store a few months after I came onboard.
  3. StargazerOmega

    To That One Guest - II

    TTOG: You were a joy to help yesterday. We ran out of paper bags on Monday and thus could only do plastic. Thanks for being understanding and also providing me with some good laughs.👍🙂
  4. StargazerOmega

    Personal LOA-Reason?

    As someone who has taken a personal LOA before, I first notified my ETL that I intended to be gone longer than the 2 weeks myTime allows and she then told me to get an LOA sheet from HR. Took a couple of minutes to fill it out and then gave it to her to sign off on. As far as the reason, you...
  5. StargazerOmega

    To that one Team Member - II

    It sounds exactly like a training exercise. I don’t know if he'll last very long. I feel like he's trying too hard to impress his TMs, much like 2 previous TLs...🙄
  6. StargazerOmega

    To That One Guest - II

    TTOG: When I ask you how you want an item bagged, don't just assume that I'd know that's how you want it. I have a lot of guests that are completely OK with mixing items. When I asked if you wanted your clothing bagged separately from your party favors you looked at me like I was insane and...
  7. StargazerOmega

    I'm Lost! The REDCard Thread

    All right, I feel like this should be obvious, but when doing an in-store sign up, when does the cashier get credit for it? As soon as it's approved or when the temporary barcode prints out?
  8. StargazerOmega

    If you could restructure the target process...

    This, a million times this. My store has been through like 5 TLs in the past few months all because the original TL that was hired was terrible and had absolutely zero clue as to how Target operates, making it 2x harder for his TMs to effectively do our jobs.
  9. StargazerOmega

    To that one Team Member - II

    I don't think it's new, but my store never made us use such phrasing until recently.
  10. StargazerOmega

    To that one Team Member - II

    I think it's so stupid honestly, but I have actually had people say "You're welcome." The whole "new" script feels so unnatural.
  11. StargazerOmega

    To that one Team Member - II

    TTOTL: I find it really odd that you greet your TMs, and then if we're helping a guest, you'll say "Hello guest, thanks for coming to Target." Why not just say "Hello" like a normal person? Saying "Hello guest" makes you sound like a drone.
  12. StargazerOmega

    Am I getting fired

    If someone asks you, own up to it. Otherwise you should be just fine.
  13. StargazerOmega

    2021 Team Member Reviews

    Yeah, kinda' makes you feel worthless in the moment and then the TL will try to cheer you up with "Oh but don't worry, we don't think you're a bad TM, we just want to see some improvement in how you work." 🙄
  14. StargazerOmega

    Hitting my fifth hour for the first time

    First time offense is no big deal a TL or ETL will likely say something like "Hey, I see you hit compliance." And then give you a quick reminder about meals and tell you not to do it again.
  15. StargazerOmega

    2021 Team Member Reviews

    DIO, 2% An improvement over last year's so I can't really complain. TL said they want my RC metric to improve, and be more chatty with guests. I've been asking, so I'll just have to up the game .
  16. StargazerOmega

    ADA accommodations ?

    Awesome! That's actually what I was looking for, just didn't word it right.
  17. StargazerOmega

    ADA accommodations ?

    So my store has always been pretty good about working with me in regards to my Cerebral Palsy. I have worked the lanes before, but it became more and more unsafe for me to do because I have balance issues, so I asked to be moved to SCO. However, due to the pandemic, my leads thought it best that...
  18. StargazerOmega

    To That One Guest - II

    TTSmallGroupOfGuests: Y'all couldn't decide who was picking up the bill because you were playing Pokémon GO and were in the middle of a battle? Really? It wouldn't have been weird if you were 20 somethings, but you all looked to be well in your 50s-60s.. 😮🤔 First time for everything lol 🤷‍♀️
  19. StargazerOmega

    To that one Team Member - II

    TTOTM: Thanks for making me smile while on break. You've made my Starbucks drinks on a regular basis for two years and we know each other pretty well, but tonight you had a brain cramp and completely blanked on my name. Instead of saying "All right, Star I'll have your drink at the end for you."...
  20. StargazerOmega

    Hey Veterans, remember these?

    It hasn't even been gone that long and I'd kill to have C9 back. Really don't like a lot of the AIM stuff...Sigh.