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  1. Greenandred

    Monopoly Target Edition

    The old game that I own is a standard monopoly game with Target team member theming. (You got a greenback room location accuracy score, head to Red and Khalo Way). Instead of houses and hotels it’s stores and distribution centers. Great fun! I hear that this new game is only 10 minutes and can...
  2. Greenandred

    Target Canada Talk

    I mentioned this in a previous thread but there were numerous reasons. They shouldn’t have bought existing leases from a chain without doing their research to see if the locations were good ones. They also assumed that it would be easy to set up a distribution network just like in the states...
  3. Greenandred

    Another $200 bonus for team members

    What about the bonus’s that were mentioned for fall?
  4. Greenandred

    Upcoming Operational changes

    We’re having them again. My SD says that we got the go ahead. Huddle projects are back too. Hard when you have lots to do in your area.
  5. Greenandred

    Upcoming Operational changes

    At our huddle today, our SD announced that closing teams would now be required to stay an hour after closing to ensure the zone is perfect. The evening zone is back folks. Everything old is new again! Guess corporate realized that zoning each night makes stores look better.
  6. Greenandred

    Bad coworker

    I had a similar situation with a team member. She seemed to have multiple personalities. Some days she could be nice but most days she was very disrespectful. One day she after she yelled at me that I remained calm and walked away and went straight to my STL and nicely told her what happened...
  7. Greenandred

    Upcoming Operational changes

    This makes sense since OFO’s are beneficial to me as a dairy DBO where getting even one package of yogurt can make a difference.
  8. Greenandred

    Pay Raise

    Nope. I’ve been with the company a long time and it’s never happened, only at review time.
  9. Greenandred

    Monopoly - Target Edition

    I have an old edition as well. Lots of fun for team members. This new game is apparently only takes 10 minutes to play and can be played solo At least according to
  10. Greenandred

    COVID-19 Vaccine

    Got mine, yesterday morning. Felt great but before I went to sleep I started to become feverish and called out today. Hated to miss work since it’s truck day but knew I needed to recover. I got J&J.
  11. Greenandred

    COVID-19 Vaccine

    Excited to be getting my first dose this week. In PA grocery workers are now eligible. However, my HR confirmed that Target isn’t technically included. It says that “This does not include Supercenters or retailers that sell some food products” He agreed though that since I work in Market and am...
  12. Greenandred

    Easter week Extremely Busy as Hell

    I’m sure the pros and cons of closing on Easter have been debated over the years with corporate. Wal-Mart is open. However, the good PR and the fact that they can save money with no time and a half makes it more financially lucrative to stay shut. I’m glad this has continued.
  13. Greenandred

    Coachings for G.U.E.S.T.

    I can remember “Power Hour”. We did it for a week and then It vanished just like other corporate ideas.
  14. Greenandred

    New Brand: Favorite Day

    One of their upcoming trademarks is At Target the Low prices never end. As for Favorite Day, I’m confused because I thought GG was created to streamline everything into one brand and now they are going back to having multiple brands.
  15. Greenandred

    Is Target considered a grocery/food industry? Covid vaccine eligibility

    In PA, grocery workers are eligible in 1B and am hopeful to be able to get the vaccine since I work in P-Fresh. It is tricky for other types of team members since they are not included. They could pretend that they work in Market but not sure if this would be ethical.
  16. Greenandred

    Is this Real Life? (A Market vent thread)

    I constantly find that I have to clean or replace my cooler wacos due to mold build up.
  17. Greenandred

    Closed on Thanksgiving

    There was nobody lined up when we were open on Thanksgiving before the pandemic, so it is not a surprise that they decided to stop sling it. They got great PR from being closed and they can save money by not having to pay lots of time and a half since the minimum is now $15 an hour.
  18. Greenandred

    Benefits Paid National Holiday

    I got paid 7.45 hours for Christmas. I am a tm.
  19. Greenandred

    Schedules Christmas

    What was the deal with the announced 48 hour work weeks? We were told that we would be able to work overtime If we wanted to instead of hiring more seasonals this year, but it never happened. We ended up hiring just as many seasonals and were told we were not allowed to work over.
  20. Greenandred

    COVID-19 Covid Cases Rising

    After work, I realized I had a low grade fever so I called out today. I received multiple texts yesterday about store cases and my parents felt, I shouldn’t go in.