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  1. WalmartDrone

    New ETL

    Thank you everyone!! Everyone has been helpful. You guys were lifesavers when I was a TM and I’m glad to see it has not changed. I appreciate all of you.
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    New ETL

    Weird how life works. So I used to be a TM a few years ago before I went to blue side a couple of years ago and had a meteoric rise over there even worked at the corporate level. But life works in mysterious ways, and I recently took a job as ETL-S&E anything I need to know about the position...
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    Archived New Incident Policy

    No one is gonna snitch on themselves. This is dumb as hell.
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    Archived Walmart workers getting paid before payday

    Like Target Walmart is ASANT. I actually feel I have a better job security and growth potential here in Walmart than I did in Target but that's just my store, there's other store like ten minutes away that is a pure shit show and a Walgheto. But it's a totally different retail culture.
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    Archived Peace out!

    Depends on your outlook and what you make out of it. My mindset did not aligned with sitting on my ass for eights hours on the phone. I like to be active and be a leader. Answering calls about car loans was not it. I got hired here full time with benefits and would be getting paid more than I...
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    Archived Promotion

    That's awesome to hear. I'm glad you got that opportunity and didn't get the usual "Well you gotta work for it first" good job! It is normal for the DTL to be involved in some capacity with TL hiring, even if the decision does not rest with them anymore.
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    Archived Promotion

    ETL-HR and the ETL (Could be ETL-Consumables, ETL-Replenishment, ETL-Hardlines depends on your store) over that sections and if you want to impress the STL.
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    Archived Interviewing for cashier position

    Two interviews are usually the norm. Never seen a third interview, not saying this is the case but when they tell you "We'll call you back" after the second interview you more than likely didn't get the job.
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    Archived Interviewing for cashier position

    Usually when they do interview at the event they will tell right there and then if you got hired. I would try and transfer the app to the other store.
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    Archived No More VMTL?

    My previous store does however he was promoted to SrTL and they promoted one of our GSA who was a merchandiser for Abercombie.
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    Archived Peace out!

    Customer Service Manager
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    Archived Policy on Crying?

    Been so angry I almost punched my etl. Had a girl cry every day, for two months straight. My SrTL coached her for crying in front of guest. (She was crazy tho)
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    Archived Peace out!

    So update: This job fucking sucks. I thought I was gonna enjoy working at an office. I get points deducted if I pee. Fuck that. I applied for a manager position at walmart they're hiring and got hired. I thought I hated Target, but I dread going to that bank office. Fuck sitting on my ass for 8...
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    Archived Peace out!

    Update: Started my job yesterday! It's 15 days of training, with trainers, mentors and everything. I'll be working at their contact center in their loan department. Their building is huge with 4 breakrooms, a cafeteria. Everyone is so nice and engaged. It's just so different from my Target...
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    Archived Cash office

    Tell your GSTL.
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    What kind of keys? More than likely you will be coached if it was just some workcenter key since the keys were found.
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    Archived How many steps do you normally get?

    30,000 - 40,000 I usually won the fitbit store challenges.
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    Archived Peace out!

    So after two years I finally left this job. It's had it's up and downs but I will forever be grateful for Target giving me opportunities, making some solid friends and connections but after seeing the state of the store and current management processes I can't do this anymore fearing for my job...
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    Archived No More Drug Testing

    It does not unless it's for leadership positions.
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    Archived Getting fired?

    Low volume stores have SrTL close by themselves with no other TL or ETL in the building.