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    How long do transfers take?

    This isn't me, but for one of my GM TL's. A few weeks ago, I overheard her in a conversation and while I couldn't quite make out everything being said, I could gather that she was talking about here at work. Then there was a point when I clearly heard her say "I'll put in my transfer tomorrow."...
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    Should I be worried about my shot at a TL role?

    Today before our Inbound crew got started on the unload, our GMTL who usually runs the trucks gathered us up in a huddle and told us that he was leaving the company and that his last day was next week on Tuesday. As an aspiring GM team member who's currently in the pipeline for leadership...
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    A question about TL development.

    A few weeks ago, I talked with my GM ETL about leadership positions. We chatted and she brough up additonal "developmental activities" around the store to help me as I stay in the pipeline and unofficially train to be a leader. This included being the Seasonal DBO, which is easy so far. Our...
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    I'm worried about my status as an aspiring leader.

    A couple of weeks ago, I talked to my ETL (General Merchandise) about becoming a Team Leader. We eventually sat down for a brief little interview where she asked me my strengths, my preferred department, and near future plans for my training and development. She had mentioned things like me...