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    Archived Cant believe no-one said anything about this on here yet...

    Looks like Radio Shack for Target Mobile is for sure over with!
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    Archived Vacation Pay Out?

    So I jumped ship *seems like I'm only one of many lately* My pay check for this week is just my last pay period. My question is when do I get my vacation payed out? Do I get my vacation payed out? I left on good terms gave my two weeks noticed and filled out the form.
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    Archived Nintendo is probably going to hate us more.

    Well it was sold at an Electronics register (Reg. #113) so the TM obviously didn't know they weren't supposed to sell it yet. At my store I would go nuts with street dates because of revisions adding the games/movies/cds before release date. I feel it happens a whole bunch more than ever before...
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    Archived has anyone else seen the new vibe stuff?

    When I saw the picture of the dog I was like okay? Then I read the quote and I just couldn't stop laughing!
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    Archived Same exact item 2 different prices

    It happens and it just depends on the product. We have pepperoni in Meat that is chilled and exactly the same as one that we have in dry grocery. One is cheaper than the other. It just happens.
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    Archived AE2013 discussion

    Happening in my district right now. Our former FBP came into my store and replaced our Sr. ETL Food that relocated and a person took over for him as FBP but he is doing 3 districts instead of just ours.
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    Archived Dairy/Frozen tips, Locating Eggs?

    Thanks for all the responses! My only thing is getting the payroll to actually clean the milk carts! I would have to come in early and do one or two a day. Otherwise I would have to just take out a cart one by one and just have it missing from the milk doors for a few minutes as I clean them...
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    Archived Dairy/Frozen tips, Locating Eggs?

    That's what I was telling me ETL and the Sr. ETL that decided to agree with the Food BP on getting our eggs located. It is just a waste of time and not going to turn out good. Especially during the holiday season and when eggs go for like .99 cents (provided they go that cheap this year... I...
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    Archived Dairy/Frozen tips, Locating Eggs?

    Our dairy cooler is a part of our milk doors yes. Here is a picture. The drip pans are on the bottom of the carts and catch milk if it were to fall. The pans are lined with cellu liner that soak up the milk that falls on it. There is some more room behind where I took the picture so we have...
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    Archived Dairy/Frozen tips, Locating Eggs?

    So I haven't been on in quite some time. Last time I posted was, I believe, around December about my going through TL Interviews. Well I got signed off and finally promoted around April/May. I am now 1 of 2 CTLs and overseeing Dairy/Frozen. Now, to the topic. I just have a few questions and ask...
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    Archived Looks like were getting another partner in Electronics

    Oh boy. I am happy I am not in electronics anymore. If corp keeps adding on more and more of these extra services like whats the point of having Elec TMs then!?? Just another example of them adding vendor type services instead of Team Members. Saw another vendor go into the TSC full out with PDA...
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    Archived beauty concierge program in chicago

    THIS. I was just thinking the same thing last week! I had seen like literally 4 vendors come into the TSC and sign in in the vendor log. They all grabbed PDAs and went along doing whatever it was they had to do. I was thinking to myself like wow sending people in to do stuff.
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    Archived beauty concierge program in chicago

    I was actually shopping at a different store today that has this. It was a suburban store outside of Chicago. I walked in the store and they had a sign (Like the Flu HQ we had out during Flu Season) that say check out the Beauty Concierge in the beauty department. I was around that department...
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    Archived Backroom issues

    Happened at my store too! One of the overnight Sr TLs had to come in and update locations in the dairy cooler, the freezer, and in regular backroom aisles. He was there before my shift started and he was still there doing it when I was leaving. Wonder what happened and why?
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    Archived Backroom location frustration

    Well only stuff that is actually scanned into a location can be scored. If a TM were to just place stuff into a location without even scanning it in then it doesn't do anything to the score. It will drive shortage sky high and cause countless on hand issues though. I found TONs of stuff in my...
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    Archived New Market Pantry design

    Our eggs are now, finally, MP. Though literally about 2-3 boxes off FDC truck had nothing but crushed eggs. Fun. We also have to OJ and the bread. That's about it so far though.
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    Archived TL Interview

    If you are going to use an example that deals with any type of score/reports make sure you know the current numbers. I am not saying to know every score lol. During my interview with our HRBP I used an example on how I led the team on getting our service score up in Electronics. She then asked...
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    Archived No more Amazon Kindle?

    You still have the gift cards?! They were taken off our POG a while ago! I believe around October/November ish of last year. I really do want to know what caused us not to carry them anymore. Like a user said above we sell those things like hot cakes! I rarely sell a Nook! I never have sold any...
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    Archived No more Amazon Kindle?

    I was at work today and received an e-mail saying something along the lines that basically we are no longer carrying the Amazon Kindle. I was very busy so only glanced at it. Anyone receive something like this?! I could have miss-read it though!
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    Archived New record

    Why are there barely any hours? I feel like we have been freaking booming these past few months! This is usually the "slow" period of the year but its been non stop! I just don't get it!