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  1. Luck

    OB NCON Sorters/ Top Producers

    You dont have to lie. Any chance it wasnt you went out the window when you revealed you have Asperbgers on this account too. Look RWTM, I enjoy having your enthusiasm here. But you need to mellow out. For what its worth you are doing better this go around already. Challenge yourself to making...
  2. Luck

    Least valuable position in the DC?

    Nuh uh didnt you read his response to Commiecorvus? Its just another guy who heard of all the great things RWTM posted and wanted to see. With the same IP. And also he just happens to have the same rare medical condition too 😉
  3. Luck

    Raising company minimum wage

    If i recall correctly it is litteraly just NYC looking at the $25/hr.
  4. Luck

    VLE everyday Inbound DC

    Dont expect it until November at the earliest. OT really wasnt as common as Covid made it out to be.
  5. Luck

    Drawers that pack

  6. Luck

    Sales Floor Let's meet in the Middle; an Electronics/Tech thread

    I found the store that had all those bikes in the dumpster!
  7. Luck

    Target Lawsuit

    Pre-pandemic Target had 350k employees. I know my building trippled our workforce after the pandemic. A 30 cent raise for everyone using that 350k number and assuming 25 hours per week average, is over $130,000,000. One hundred and thirty million. For 30 cents. Every year.
  8. Luck

    In-house Interviews

    If they arent being transparent with why the TM was not allowed to apply, they could always call the integrity hotline. A TM is entitled to know why they were denied. But you should only do it if you are the one not beinf accepted and not being given a reason.
  9. Luck

    DC schedule question

    I have access to my own computer and still just clock in on the timeclock 🤷‍♂️
  10. Luck

    New Interview Process

    They just rephrased the way they ask the question but the questions remain the same. Its just to make it more obvious to people not as quick that you are expected to take a mundane real story and then totally warp it to fit the narrative they want to hear. The issue some people had was "how...
  11. Luck

    DC schedule question

    Yeah the 3 minute bell means you are good to leave.
  12. Luck

    Yard Coordinator bonus.

    I hope it goes well for you.
  13. Luck

    Yard Coordinator bonus.

    Security used to be one "big" team that did everything. Now they are separated into 3 distinct job titles and roles, security in building, truck paper work handlers, and security outside in the yard. The idea is it allows them to focus on their roles better and be more proficient among other...
  14. Luck

    Break Room Twitter

    You could try the Reddit? A lot of guests use it too though. If you didnt already know Target has its own internal social media, Yammer. Most of the current workers trying to network use that.
  15. Luck

    Mentorship requests

    I dont see why not. Just might be difficult to schedule times to meet and talk.
  16. Luck

    Mentorship requests

    You can certainly ask. But unless you actually know them, they are so far removed from you that what are they going to he able to help you with? Mentorship isnt like pokemon where you gotta catch em all. What does this person offer that your current mentors dont?
  17. Luck


    Ah yes but have you considered trying to sell more to generate the revenue to increase corporate bonuses this year get more payroll that you desperately need to generate those sales?
  18. Luck


    The solution is to sell sell sell.
  19. Luck


    There is nothing you could tell me I wouldnt already know.
  20. Luck

    Dating policy

    I can only imagine the poor lady getting messaged at the same rate as he does here. Not to mention to inability to take a hint. Some special lady out there will enjoy it BUT 99.9% chance thats a harrassment case waiting to happen.