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Jolly Rancher
Feb 12, 2017
Now that I'm not on my phone, I see what everyone means. It's beautiful, but there's a spot there that grabs the eye, says "look here", and there's nothing.

But maybe it should stay that way. Maybe that bit of not finished is a good way to finish it.
I posted it because I’ll get honest opinions. I can put it aside for days or years. I do have a project with a due date and this is a study. One bloom’s petals piled up like potato chips but I had skipped lunch. (Dang subconscious).
Sep 8, 2013
I HATE when one of the idiots I live with knows I have to wake early in the morning, and he still refuses to stop blasting YouTube videos for hours in the bathroom right across the hall from my bedroom, so I have to hear every word, or turn my music up super loud, to the point where I can't fall asleep, and then I'm still stuck hearing his video of choice...usually one that talks about how everyone who isn't a straight, white, male conservative Christian Republican is a worthless idiot who wants to destroy the country...whenever there's pauses in what I've got playing.


Former associate of the Targetti Crime Syndicate
Jan 23, 2017
The remedy to this is to take them outside on the porch every day and give them a through brushing. It takes some time but properly grooming them is a requirement of being a good owner!

can't touch this

Store Meme Leader
Nov 20, 2017
Yeet. Got a new roomie and we just signed on a new apartment & gonna move in on December 3rd. This is the first time I’ve ever had a roomie with a REAL, honest to God job (like the kind that requires a 4 year degree) so I can finally say goodbye to worrying about getting fucked over by people who can’t manage their money properly. I was going to get a house but ended up backing out because I didn’t feel like buying appliances, and this apartment comes fully furnished, so double yeet.

He even offered to do a 70/30 split of the bills instead of 50/50 like I was doing, he said it seemed fair because he makes like 1000% more schmoney than I do, which of course I said HELL YEAH to. Even so, let’s get this bread no days off.
Oct 17, 2016
Me: *not wearing eyeliner for the first time in months*
Me, to male friend: “do I look different?”
Friend: “what did you do”
Me: “guess”
Friend: “did you dye your hair?”
Me: “does my hair look a different color?”
Friend: “I don’t know...”
Me: “no my hair is not a different color. I’m not wearing eyeliner.”
Friend: “oh.. what’s that?”