A Random Thread


Human Bean
Oct 28, 2015
Friends: You know you can talk to us if you need anything.
Me: Okay can I?
Friends: Yea!
Me: Okay, so....
Friends: *Read 8:11 PM*


can't touch this

Store Meme Leader
Nov 20, 2017
Yeet. Got a new roomie and we just signed on a new apartment & gonna move in on December 3rd. This is the first time I’ve ever had a roomie with a REAL, honest to God job (like the kind that requires a 4 year degree) so I can finally say goodbye to worrying about getting fucked over by people who can’t manage their money properly. I was going to get a house but ended up backing out because I didn’t feel like buying appliances, and this apartment comes fully furnished, so double yeet.

He even offered to do a 70/30 split of the bills instead of 50/50 like I was doing, he said it seemed fair because he makes like 1000% more schmoney than I do, which of course I said HELL YEAH to. Even so, let’s get this bread no days off.
yo dudes this new apartment is fuckin’ LIT! I never thought I’d be living in a place this nice (9 ft ceilings, cedar wood cabinets in the kitchen, thick soft carpet, furnished with brand new fridge and washer/dryer) and I definitely couldn’t without my roommate and his real job making real bread. I came from a super shitty apartment built in the late 70s/early 80s with beat up appliances, gross ass popcorn ceilings with stains/cracks, and crappy low pile carpet.

Feels like in those stories where the lowly commoner ends up in the royal court through various lucky twists of fate. Like Rasputin kicking it with the Tsar’s family.
Oct 17, 2016
When they schedule you to clopen so after getting off you stay up for a little bit until 2 or 3 and then call out for the morning so that way the overnight ETL who doesn’t even know who you are or even cares will answer and just say “ok thanks” instead of calling at 6am and the opening LOD answers and asks you a zillion questions and asks if you can come anyways >