Annoying neighbors of sorts


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Jun 17, 2011
I live in the country in a small mountain town.

Neighbor 1:
I have a workshop/storage garage property neighboring the far end of my property. It is owned by the guy who sold me my house (who now lives across town) and his father (who just lives up the road from me). Every once in a while, they visit their garage for equipment/supplies for their business. I can barely stand my seller being by my house. Feels like they are checking in on what we changed.

What really is starting to annoy me is that all around the outside of the garage is their left over junk and tools from their business.

And the second, my seller and his father have setup a small gun range with targets just below the bank of my driveway and yard. Climb up a small bank which they use a berm and cross through single line of trees...your on my driveway. They never ask us if its ok to shoot. Heck I have been mowing the lawn in front of them, and they start shooting.

I am in the process of building a horse pasture and enclosure under the shed that is basically in line of what they made into a gun range. I would like to not have my horse shot or myself when walking by. I am all for owning guns and have a number of shotguns and rifles of my own. But common sense should tell you not to shoot in the direction of your neighbors yard, and especially when they are in firing eyesight.

By the way, my seller's father lives right next to a gun range club. And there is a set of gamelands less than a mile away.

Neighbor 2:
My neighboring family; he is a youth minister and she runs an outdoor adventure business + 2 highschool kids. So they routinely have tons of visitors at their house. At times, their visitors use my top end driveway to park on without asking. Not too eerked as long I can get out my bottom driveway. But other times, their visitors just pull right into my grass; especially when it is wet/muddy that leaves mudholes. I even had a HS kid park fully on top of some new berry bushes. I ended up having to put orange blazed stakes to block them off. And our property line is also their ATV trail. Every once in a while they make mud tracks on my side of the line.
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Sep 27, 2017
Sounds like a rather large property, so this is bound to be expensive. But FENCES.


Jul 24, 2016
Oof, even if I was able to still get out of my driveway I would still knock on the doors and say "hey, what the heck?"

As for the shooting thing, you could probably remind them there's going to be building a horse pasture and have horses and that you're just checking in to make them aware and to be careful when shooting because you don't want your horses to get hurt. If you ever feel like what they are doing is wrong and could result in someone getting hurt or they are trespassing, call the popo. Check with your city ordinances to see if what they are doing complies with them.
Aug 12, 2018
If possible, maybe move away from all this as it seems like things can only get progressively worse every month/year from this stage!


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Jan 21, 2014
"In the country small mountain town" to me means very rural/ no city ordinances apply. You might be able to call someone from the state to check the homemade shooting range for safety, since your property is in the path of stray bullets.

A big NO TRESPASSING sign on the driveway to begin with for the other side. Talk with the neighbor second. Third document/ photograph damage incurred to your property and bill the neighbor for repairs if it happens again.
Feb 27, 2015
Rural area in Ohio. No sidewalks.

When I walk my dog, I walk opposite of any car coming down the road. Never an issue.

The bitch, not dog, down the road pulls up beside me the other day. She's never said hi or reciprocated my waves hello when she moved in.

She slows down and rolls her window down. No hi. No hello.

"Do me a favor. Don't walk your dog past my house during the day. I work nights. My dog barks when you walk past here. Thanks."

I was stunned. We have no relationship. Don't ask me for favors. You can't even return a neighborly wave. But all I said was "Uh huh."

I'm walking on a public road.

I'll dress my dog in a marching band uniform and walk past your house all day if I want.

Your dog barks? Your problem. Bitch.

I've walked past there several times since. I can go the other way, which I normally do anyway.
Aug 12, 2018
"Do me a favor. Don't walk your dog past my house during the day. I work nights. My dog barks when you walk past here. Thanks."
With that bullshit, not only should you dress your dog up in that band uniform, but invite all your friends with dogs, dress them up and have a group walk complete with loud chatter, music, and barking ALL going past that bitch's house.

can't touch this

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Nov 20, 2017
When I was a kid I had a friend whose family owned a big ranch. My parents stopped allowing me to hang at his place after they stopped by to pick me up one day and the neighbors at the next ranch over were blowing through what sounded like several crates of 7.62 not very far from the property line, which had only a barbed wire fence, and you could clearly hear bullets whining through the trees. Dumb cunts.


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Feb 12, 2017
A frightened horse and a barbed wire fence are a very bad combination.