Any musicians?

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I just got back from playing an open jam with a lot of different area musicians at a bar downtown... lots of fun! I played keyboard to tunes like Good Golly Miss Molly, Green Onions (Booker T and the M.G's), and Johnnie B Goode.

I also play trumpet, both jazz and "legit" playing in my college's Wind Symphony, which does two domestic tours a year and an international tour every other year!

Anybody else play an instrument (or a couple) here?

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I played the clarinet for six years, from elementary school up through my first year of high school. Haven't touched it since, so I doubt I could play much at this point.
I'm a drummer both marching snare and full drum set. I play daily by myself or with others, but will be mostly by myself seeing as I'm moving out to the country of Ohio lol....


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Extremely late to this thread (I searched so as to not start a similar one) so sorry. Yes, I play guitar (classical, acoustic, and electric). Styles from Classical/Renaissance to Rock, Blues, Metal, Progressive, Technical, some Jazz. While it has been a LONG time, I have also played drums, bass, and harmonica at various points in time. Green Onions and "Johnnie B. Goode" are nice blues/Rock-n-Roll songs. If you have had a chance to go back to Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters in the blues vein, you will hear some cool stuff that really influenced later Blues and Rock-n-Roll. Then there is the legendary Robert Johnson for some Blues roots.
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That's one hell of a thread bump :confused:

I mainly play guitar and bass. Acoustic or electric, mostly classic rock. Never had any proper lessons, I've learned from tabs and videos on YouTube, or by ear.


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Bass player/co vocalist with a doom metal band. Nice and heavy. Guitarists are both using old post WWII projector amps (for old walkies) as heads and they are fricken awesome.


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Nowhere near a "musician" but I'm learning to play the ocarina

I love those things with all my heart but I'm...pretty bad at it