Any polyglots out there?

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Because I am a total language nerd...Which languages do you speak? :) In my store, we have an AMAZING variety, so I'm curious to see what we have here on the forum. For my part, I'm fluent in English (first language) and Spanish (second language); I can also speak Italian fairly well and can understand Portuguese fine, although I can't speak it as well, and I know a little American Sign Language (enough to help most guests who need it, at any rate). Then bits and pieces of a few other languages, none of which I have any degree of fluency in.

What about y'all? :)
Fluent in English of course, and since I live in Souhern California at the moment (born and raised here) I'm pretty well versed in Spanish. I also took 3 years of French in high school. I know bits of German, Dutch, Polski, and Danish as well.


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I speak English and Engrish.

My sister speaks English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and German. She also writes them.

Just don't ever, and I mean ever, ask her to balance her check book.