Anyone here play video games

Discussion in 'Off The Clock Chatter' started by seasonal, May 25, 2013.

  1. seasonal

    seasonal Temporary Worker

    Lets talk about games, or am i the only nerd here? :gamer1:
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  2. pzychopopgroove

    pzychopopgroove cyberpunk//my little pony

    I play videogames in my spare time (literally, every spare moment of time, if i'm not talking to my girlfriend). Lately I've been playing A LOT of Diablo 3 and Skyrim.
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  3. Dr Laytex

    Dr Laytex Thread Derailer

    Unfortunately I spend more time reading about games than I do playing them. System of choice is a 360. If I spent a few dollars on a decent graphics card I would have an okay gaming pc, but I quit that awhile ago. Last gaming rig I built was for Doom 3.
  4. commiecorvus

    commiecorvus Former Signing Ninja Moderator

    I only have time for one timesink and it goes by WOW.
  5. lish35

    lish35 Member

    I play, mostly 360. Right now I'm playing Borderlands and waiting for FUSE to come out on Tuesday.
  6. OP

    seasonal Temporary Worker

    mmmm we got a few in here haha. Lish what did you think about the xbox one reveal? I beat both borderlands and borderlands 2 is awesome. It was my GOTY last year. I'm currently waiting for the last of us, but playing Injustice atm.
  7. pzychopopgroove

    pzychopopgroove cyberpunk//my little pony

    I refuse to get borderlands 2. I have way too fun with Crawmerax runs in 1 ;)
  8. pzychopopgroove

    pzychopopgroove cyberpunk//my little pony

    Wow I must be the only person in the world who's life wasn't consumed by World of Warcraft, lol.
  9. lish35

    lish35 Member

    Overall, I liked the reveal (besides the name), I'm not sure if I want the kinect that would be included. I want to see what they unveil at E3.
  10. I play games on my iPad & Xbox 360. Mostly call of duty on Xbox.
  11. OP

    seasonal Temporary Worker

    @Pzy dude borderlands 2 is awesome haha. The story was actually decent this time around :)

    @lish i think sony had a better reveal imo. Xbox really never had exclusives that i wanted to play, and rpgs on there are almost non existent.

    @HLM call of duty is fun when you don't have campers sitting in the corner. MY GOD i hate that. I might get cod ghost this year.
  12. pzychopopgroove

    pzychopopgroove cyberpunk//my little pony

    I have heard that, i was only saying that to mess with you, lol ;)
  13. Minecraft... Hours and hours of it! ^_^
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  14. pzychopopgroove

    pzychopopgroove cyberpunk//my little pony

    what if i can prove to you that you won't be able to use the xbox one, at all, if you were not connected to the internet, or if your kinect was broken? Yes, i've got links.
  15. lish35

    lish35 Member

    I'm already connected to the internet and I don't plan on using the kinect all that often, except to turn it on (and the other things that require it). I'm waiting to make my judgement til I see it in action.
  16. Barcode

    Barcode Guest



    If anyone ever wants to Grp up, pm me
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  17. Bored Food Aver

    Bored Food Aver FORMER Food Aver

    I play quite a bit on the 360; mostly shooters and stuff like that, but I'm open to most games.
  18. interestingmage

    interestingmage Backroom Day

    That used to be me :wacko: Now my timesink is Guild Wars 2.
  19. I'm a huge gamer. I've been to the last 2 E3's but I wont be able to attend this year. I also probably read more about video games on IGN than play them.
    But that will all change when the Last of Us comes out. I wont ever sleep again.
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  20. FlowbieCanuck

    FlowbieCanuck 1 of 17,600

    Me? Game?

    Psh... I was born a gamer.

    Though, I have a tendency to demonstrate a lack of attention to my games, hence the massive backlog I have. (Between 3DS, Vita, PC, 360 and Wii U)