Cashier to Beauty

May 10, 2019
Hello all! I’ve been a cashier for a year and now I am switching to beauty . I kinda was just wondering if anyone could give a heads up on what I’d be doing specifically or if there’s anything anyone could tell me that would help me out beforehand. Thanks !


DBO Bed/Bath, GSA, FF, HL/SL, FOS Training Mentor
Jun 15, 2017
If you thought you were guest obsessed before, you ain't seen nothing yet! I know you sell, sell, sell and UPSELL, you'll rely on your service skills to make connections with your guests and often times you'll get guests ask for YOU for advice when they come into the store about their beauty purchase.

From all my beauty coworkers- each one is unique and great. You'll find your own way of having a conversation and connecting with your guests. You'll share stories of products from your own experience and those of other guests. You'll start to build that basket by connecting the dots. You like that color? What type of products do you use in your hair? Oh, really!? I have a product that you might like and works GREAT on -this- type of hair. Oh, you have this problem with your skin? Here, this stuff helps to do this and this. And if you're not convinced or find out you don't like this or that, you can return the product even after it's open. No, really! No problems. Oh yeah, and don't forget to save that 5%....