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Coffee Addicts: Unite!

Discussion in 'Off The Clock Chatter' started by HardlinesGuy, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. HardlinesGuy

    HardlinesGuy AP Team Leader

    For my fellow coffee lovers here on TBR, what's your perfect cup? Creamer? Milk? Other magical additions? What kind of roast do you prefer? Favorite machine or brewing method? Favorite Starbucks drink? Does Starbucks suck and do you have another favorite? If it's coffee related, it belongs here.
  2. Kartman

    Kartman Gimme Moar Ours!

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  3. My favorite cup of coffee is a caramel mocha from Dutch brothers. I can't figure out how to make good coffee at home so I have to buy it lol. My favorite Starbucks drink is a mocha frappuccino no whip. Delish
  4. soyaxo

    soyaxo Well-Know Memer

    I can't have caffeine but I like coffee flavours! Usually I like a vanilla bean with caramel frappucino from Starbucks (I know it's not coffee-tasting, but it's my tried-and-true refreshment). If I'm at home I can be adventurous and get a decaf blonde or medium roast. I have a Keurig but it sadly usually gets pressed on the "Hot Cocoa/Other" button more often than not.
  5. smashandthrash

    smashandthrash Former store LOG and Inbound/Receiving DC TM

    Generic coffee.
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  6. Black coffee or Starbucks, multi choice.
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  7. Community brand coffee chicory, black. Standard Starbucks coffee is disgusting.

    I can't understand the people who claim they love coffee and then proceed to add 15 packages of cream/sugar/flavoring. You don't like coffee, you like sugary milk with hint of coffee flavor.
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  8. I like a little coffee with my creamer.( I only like the powdered creamer) . I also add a couple packets of Splenda.
  9. smashandthrash

    smashandthrash Former store LOG and Inbound/Receiving DC TM

    Though admittedly I poured a little eggnog into today's first cup.
  10. By eggnog, you mean whisky right?
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  11. smashandthrash

    smashandthrash Former store LOG and Inbound/Receiving DC TM

    6 months ago you would have been correct
  12. I'm married to a coffee snob. He loves all things coffee culture. He goes to tastings etc. I just got a really good deal on a syphon from Hario for his birthday. Me...I'm not that wacko. I need my coffee everyday and use Starbucks or Peet's beans...whatever is on sale at the grocery. I prefer strong, dark coffee with a bit of milk. No sugar.
  13. Yetive

    Yetive Servant of 2 Masters

    Dark, black coffee for me. Cold brew in summer sometimes.
    I use my aeropress at home.

    If I have a "fancy" drink, it will be a plain latte made breve. A couple shots and not too much half and half.
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  14. redeye58

    redeye58 Hasta Ba Rista, Baby!

    Medium roast, fine grind, a dab of cream & one sugar.
    I never want to overpower the brew with fluff.
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  15. NPC

    NPC 特別な目を開けるためにパトリックを殺す

    I like coffee ice cream. That's about it. Lol. Actually, I feel like the older I get, the more I like coffee...but...I still don't really enjoy it unless it's got a bunch of other bullshit mixed in.
  16. NPC

    NPC 特別な目を開けるためにパトリックを殺す

  17. Flabbergasted

    Flabbergasted Ex-GSA

    I love coffee in general. I am neither a "black coffee only" or "sugared milk coffee" person...I will happily drink either of those depending on my mood.

    For me, coffee with one or two creamer and one sugar in the morning is the standard. Sometimes black though, if I'm feeling it. If I want a coffee dessert, I go for the Sbux frappaccino.

    Lattes are great. Espresso coffee is just the greatest gift from God.
  18. Deli Ninja

    Deli Ninja Formerly Softlines Ninja (Now in Deli Flavor)!

    I enjoy an undertow with a pump of chestnut praline or toffee nut when it's slow over in Starbucks. The best thing I've made at home so far is a latte using Casi Cielo beans and hazelnut syrup. Recently, it's been pour-overs with whatever beans sound good when I need to buy more, just add a little half and half. My go-to during breaks is cold brew w/ chestnut praline and half and half...
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  19. smashandthrash

    smashandthrash Former store LOG and Inbound/Receiving DC TM

    I'm back dowwwwwwwwwn

    I'm in the undertow

    .....sorry, I was having a moment. Keep going
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  20. I have two to three cups of coffee on my day off at home, and at least one when I'm at work. I've recently been drinking coffee with breakfast or with desert while out to eat and have gotten used to having just two or three creams and a pack of sugar in it. I do enjoy the coffee flavor.

    My regular order at Starbucks is a venti iced coffee with 4 pumps white mocha
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