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So Today on my third day of orientation and we watched movies on EAS tags and Loss Prevention and that got me wondering. Does Target even use the EAS tags? I know they have spider wrap but is that it?

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I'm pretty sure we don't, haven't seen any alarms go off on them in a loooong time. Between the lock up cases, locking peghooks, spiderwrap and the other odds and ends we do there really isn't much of a call for EAS to control inventory. Besides, they are only a nuisance to most thieves, they can be easily removed if you know what you're doing. Hell, even the movies that use them don't have them in every case, more cost effective to just make people THINK they could get caught.
At my store (very high theft risk) uses EAS tags on a lot of stuff. But EAS tags have changed over the years. Now there are more of the sticker type of tags rather than the big black or grey things that punch holes in whatever they're put on. With the sticker tags they can be put on clothing label tags, cardboard boxes (i.e. the stop smoking patches), and on certain books/games/movies and other small items. They can all be deactivated at the register via the demagnetizing capability built into the scanner. Though you do need to make sure you get a good angle/contact with it because it doesn't have a very far range (so that it wont screw up credit cards and whatnot).

Our EAS towers at work go off ALL THE TIME. Sometimes because people have things on them made of certain metals that fool the sensors.

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Most merchandise is pre-tagged by the manufacturer, things like DVDs and stacks of CD's and cameras and things like that all have an EAS tag stuck inside the packaging (one of these guys):
Well at my store they have been a great help. I've caught quite a few people trying to walk out with a cd or DVD in heir purse or backpack or their pants waistband.

To the untrained person it's annoying but tothe trained assets protection people it's a help for us