Favorite Target Commercials?

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So what is your favorite over the years?

I personally liked the "Sign of the times" campagin they had a while back. I like commercials with oldies music.

I also liked this one:


That aired back when the very FIRST Survior show went on. It was also when Target first came into my area, I was so excited!

My absolute FAVORITE commercial though is this one:

http://youtu.be/ivNjRdqdbSw and any of the others using Devo's "Beautiful World".
Not my "favorite" but this one is interesting


though you can tell its clearly done on a set. Plus why is there a music and movies sign above what looks to be seasonal or pets?
That looks like a headache for zoning and reshop.

Also, we were talking about this ad at work once, and apparently this was filmed in a real store. (which would explain the signage)

Edit 2:
I like how there's a team member hula hooping.
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