Fellow Gamers: Should i buy Metal Gear Solid HD Collection or Elder Scrolls: Skyrim?


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Go for Skryrim, it has an unlimited sandbox with stuff you can do pretty much forever.
If you like RPG's that a beautifully made and only a little buggy I'd say go for it.
Totally go with Skyrim. I live with another buddy who works for Target as well and we both have easily invested over 60 hours each into it. High replayability.
Skyrim hands down... the game is AWESOME!!!

I have a wife, I have a kid, I have friends... all come second to this game. I work, I watch football, and I play skyrim, in that order.

It's such a wide open world that you get lost in the sauce from time to time. Just yesterday I was playing and had a "drinking game" with a NPC... wound up half way across the continent in an entirely new story line because of it. It's buggy from time to time and the fact that there are clearly impossible enemies (i.e. Giants) at certain points in the game is obnoxious, but it's a very fun game. I'll probably be playing this first play through for the next couple months, there's that much to do.

Metal Gear Solid is a good game, Skyrim is a fantastic game.
If you work for a retail company(Target!!!), you can get into Bethesda's Insiders program. Do a few surveys, answer some questions, boom you can get Skyrim for free. PM me an email address and I can send you a referral link to get you started.

You will have to send Bethesda's customer service an image of a recent paycheck that has the employer's name, and your name ect on it so you will need a scanner. Make sure you edit out all the sensitive information, MS. Paint will do the job.