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    To help keep the forum clean, we decided to consolidate all Political Discussion into one thread. Feel free to discuss anything political here :)
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  3. NPC

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    I don't think the job of the president is to be a sassy cheerleader to post edgy Tweets. Let's take this seriously, and hope he takes the job seriously.
  4. glo

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    Make America Great Again!

    I think it'll be great not having our president not in the pocket of special interest groups.
  5. Flabbergasted

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    I know most of you read my posts in the old thread practically gloating about my certainty that Hillary Clinton would be elected President tonight. I won't apologize for those posts because I still firmly believe she was the only correct choice in this election. It is totally insane to me that a man with no prior political experience, a man who has said very disturbing things about minorities & women & basically everyone who isn't a rich white straight male, a man who wants to ban an entire religion in gross violation of our Constitution, a man who threatened to ignore the results of the election if he lost, a man who makes a mockery of our nation and our values, has just been elected our Commander-in-Chief. I can honestly say I have never been more disgusted in my life and I hope all you Trumpeters who put this man in the WH hold your heads in shame when he probably gets himself impeached by next year.
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  6. redeye58

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    You forgot the sarcasm font.
  7. BackroomAlpha

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    Its very disheartening and sad to me that there is little visible honor amongst citizens anymore. I pray that trump will take on the presidency with integrity and honor himself because its a dangerous job.
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  8. redeye58

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    For all those who 'didn't vote' for a presidential candidate, it's all on you.
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  9. He has never undertaken anything with integrity and honor in his entire life. I have no hope that will change now.

    I highly overestimated the intelligence of the American people.
  10. SFSFun

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    There are plenty of reasons that would cause people to not be able to vote, but those who could have and chose not to had better not be complaining about the result.
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  11. BackroomAlpha

    BackroomAlpha Did somebody call for backroom?

    Well it was either hire tweedle dee, or tweedle dumb...they chose tweedle dumb. Lets just hope vladmir putin abides.
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  12. SFSFun

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    I'm going to take a page from the Obama haters who refer to him by his first and middle name, and do the same for ol' Donald John...maybe Don John or Donny John.
  13. Now, we will lose some allies..
  14. HRZone

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    I believe Donald ran an excellent campaign (hiccups aside) and was able to rally people on his side. I hope he is willing to put the same passion in energy he put into finding flaws in his opponents into running our country.

    I cant argue with the results even if I dont agree with them. I never root for a President to fail.

    The DNC will have to take a close look at this and adjust accordingly. In 2008 they took a charismatic person the other side was afraid of and used him to energize their voting base, now that the tide has turned they can learn from this and maybe offer a reasonable alternative in 2020.
  15. My state basically always has been blue, so it wouldn't have mattered if I had voted, since the popular vote has no bearing on the outcome. Not that I would've necessarily voted for either candidate...

    What's most interesting is when you look at the breakdown of the demographics of the voters who voted for him: he won the uneducated white male vote by a landslide (big surprise there.)
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  16. glo

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    He also had the college-educated white male vote.

    The polls referenced are based on a sample of 15k people btw. We're still waiting on full results.
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  17. redeye58

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    Predictions: GOP will nominate a SC justice even more radical hard-right than Scalia & work toward overturning Roe v Wade, voter protection laws, union/fair employment laws & marriage equality; legislature will repeal the ACA promising to replace it with 'something even better' (block grants which will be funneled to crisis care 'clinics') which will ultimately fail so they'll shrug their shoulders & say 'Oh, well....we tried'; Hil's email investigation will stall with a few hold-outs trying to keep it relevant until it sputters out; states' anti-discrimination laws will be overturned; legal immigration will grind to a halt with the exception of H1B visas to keep tech wages down & donnie boy will look the other way while more illegals build his newest casino/hotel.
  18. oath2order

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    Please explain in explicit detail how America was not great.
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  19. oath2order

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    Y'all conservatives wanted to play that game for Obama's term. Now it's my turn.
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  20. smashandthrash

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    The curse of Sosa. It was foretold

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