Halloween 2011

What is everyone gonna be this year?

Last Year I hand made a Target Name Badge and it was a big hit (Not kidding lol) and it was $11.02. I can post a picture of anyone wants to see it (I will cover my face and name)

This year I am gonna be Fiona from Adventure time.

My husband is going as Fin from Adventure time. Google it if you don't know what it is.

I'm not gonna be trick or treating but it's always fun to dress up and I'm gonna go to my best friends Halloween party.
I wasn't anything last year but I was the Octomom the year before. It was a hit! Some straight dude tried to hit me up at a party I went to until I turned around.

Dunno what I'm gonna be this year. Always like going with a current event.
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This was the only picture I could find. I was actually really proud of how well it came out :p
Good job, Thanks for sharing. I think one of my favorite costumes from years past was a gameboy. (That was when they were THE popular hand held game) I got a huge box & cut a hole in the top for my son's head. Cut out the front & he wore a mario shirt for the screen. I also used a marker to make the control buttons.


Hasta Ba Rista, Baby!
One yr I went as a bag of jellybeans. I had a clear trashbag from shoulders to knees filled with different colored water balloons & a cardboard topper across the shoulders with the 'label'. Went to a party & a guy kept trying to pop my jellybeans.
Dan, LOVE the octo-mom costume!