I applied to costco

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Wow that sounds like somewhere I definetly wouldn't want to work , especially if they're that unclear just for the job interview. Can't imagine how they are with communicating with their employees over important issues if they can't even communicate basic information such as when an interview with happen.

Thanks for the heads up

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Thats kind of shocking as I've heard nothing but good things about them. My grandfather has worked for them since 1999 and still going strong at $18.85 an hour now. It could just be that one store as I know they seem to be on top of things and I've been in the break room at my grandfathers store before and its not really that warm since its typicaly a room with just walls.The celiling is the rafters from the rest of the store

You get great benefits

I'd give them a call back and explain your situation. Costco is one place you do not want to turn down. Time and a half EVERY SUNDAY. Paid holidays. You get a bonus I think twice a year (and its a decent one too. Unlike Targets pathetic 5 cent raise) Benfents as I explianed above If you go in and look at their name tags you will see a lot have been with Costco for a long time. Two months ago I went to visit family across the state and saw an employee with a gold name tag. Said she has been an employee since 1985. Plus their CEO and founder is still the CEO of the compney.

Trust me. You would want to call back or if you can apply at another local Costco.

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I am going to call them back. When i do, i will ask to either speak to someone in their HR department or talk to their store manager.
There you go. Just tell them what happened. If you need to go and find someone with a red vest. They are the front end supervisors. They can radio who ever does the interview. Costco is a great place to work. Its actully where I really want to work till I retire. Sounds crazy but given I have some Costco in the family I know a bit about it. but its very hard to get on. They start off at $11 an hour or more depending on your position. Not many that stores start out that high.