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Oct 3, 2018
Two of my TMs were backing up for over an hour. GSA wasn't even attempting to get them off of the lanes or switch them out with other TMs. Like, I have no problem helping out, but the consideration should go both ways.
Yeah, it be like that. I was on a lane for an hour and 17 minutes this morning. Finally, got the chance to hop off and go to the restroom. When I came out they were calling for backup again. Hopped back on. No, my pulls did not get completed. Not even close.
Aug 4, 2017
I feel prey to the plague going around the store. I was sick Friday (my day off) and Saturday, as in, running-a-fever-head-was-spinning sick. Still don't feel 100%, but am going in because my fever's broken and I'm no longer contagious.

I was in and out of sleep most of Friday night, so set my alarm to call out at open on Saturday if I was still running a fever (I was). My GM Leader actually sounded relieved, and I know that wasn't because of me. They have to cut hours. They've been making us clock in and out on the dot. Christmas is two days away.

I work three mids the three days after Christmas and have the following weekend off. New schedule, my hours are almost half when I've been mid-30s at least almost since I joined my new store. Spot isn't my only source of income and I almost want to go to HR and tell them to cut mine first and give them to people whose only source of income IS Spot. I shudder to think of what January and February are going to be like.
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