Feb 2, 2017
If kids are with their parents, I don't usually say anything. However, sometimes the parent(s) are staring at or talking on their phones, paying no attention to their kids while they (kids) are tearing up an area, kicking a ball high up, etc. That's when I say something. Also teenagers having Nerf wars at 10:59 pm will get both the evil eye and a "can you not?"

We are right next to a high school, so we get our fair share of asshattery.
Aug 12, 2018
My store allows us to speak up. As a result of this, my GSTL cursed out some kids messing up the zone in toys on the night before an infamous "visit". She then walkied out to everyone saying "if these kids do not leave, I will become AP and throw them out myself!". No consequences for her actions as a foul-mouthed, hot headed, 4'11 chick.
Nov 30, 2015
We have major issues with hordes of misbehavers of various ages at my store. Our STL and leadership is okay with us telling them to leave and will actually do it themselves too. Anyone yelling for no reason other than they think they’re funny, literally running around the store, riding/racing/pushing their friends in carts when they’re clearly too old and too big to fit in them, riding anything they shouldn’t be in the store, or harassing TMs automatically gets the boot. Doubly true if they’re clearly unsupervised teenagers and it’s late at night, because we’re not some place to run around raising hell.