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Nov 8, 2012
Hey guys,

I just joined up after reading a couple of posts. I love the answers provided here! Okay, so today was my first day and my orientation was the day before that so I am a bit overwhelmed with information at the moment :3

So here's a roadblock I am encountering along the way as a flow team member. The first revolves around these numbers when you shelf items. It's something like (7)6-4-1? I for the love of humankind cannot seem to get my head wrapped around this even after being explained several times what they are. I usually just went for the four digit numbers that matched the item and checked also if the item matched but of course this takes a bit of time doing that and thus not very time efficient.

My next question revolves around customer help. I cannot seem to get down every single location although I sort of have a general idea as to where things are but still a long ways to go. How do you guys handle customers if you do not know what the answer is say to a specific item they might inquire about or say if you do not know if they have an item they are looking for in stock? I know you can page another member but for us we don't have a walkie talkie so it becomes a sticky situation. Last thing I want to do is say "I don't know, sorry." but other than saying "I apologize, I am learning the ropes at the moment but if you allow me, I can direct you to someone who might" (pray someone's nearby).

Sorry for the long post!


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Sep 15, 2012
A24 (1) 3-4-2

A24: Block and aisle number
3: Number of section starting from the beginning of the aisle (usually there are about 6 sections)
4: Shelf number in that section starting from the bottom
2: Item number on that shelf starting from the right to left

I don't know exactly what the number in the parenthesis is but I think it has to do with the section groups if there is more than 1 in an aisle.


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Jun 10, 2011
I run into a lot of situations where I don't know but I try never to say that instead my go to is 'Let me find out for you.'
If you have a gun there is Item Look Up and NOP and like you said a walkie or just flagging down any other TM.
It comes down the the guest knowing that you are willing to make the effort for them.


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Jun 10, 2011
I posted this in another thread in response to a question about pushing re-shop, but you might find it helpful.

Here's the quick and dirty version:

Say you're pushing toys re-shop and you have a Cars toy whose location is E13 (1) 3-2-2. Obviously, E13 is the aisle. (1) means that you start counting from the first 4-ft section in the aisle (you entered the aisle from the racetrack rather than the back wall). 3-2-2 means the 3rd section in from the front of the aisle, 2nd shelf up from the bottom, 2nd space on the shelf. If the schematic is E13 (3) 3-2-2, then you start counting from the 3rd section because that's where the planogram starts (the 3rd section will be 1 for counting purposes), so the item would go in the 5th section (3rd is 1, 4th is 2, 5th is 3).

If the number in parentheses is (0), then the location is on an endcap. If the aisle number is odd, then it goes on the front endcap. If the aisle number is even, then it goes on the back endcap. If the number in parentheses is (99), then the location is on a sidecap.

Back walls can be tricky. If there are 38 aisles in a block and the location is in the 39 or 40 "aisle," it's on the back wall. Back wall schematics start wherever the aisle number sign is. Look at the labels to determine which direction they go.

If you get an item where the location is a name (e.g. Boys Action or Summer Seasonal) rather than a schematic, it does not have a location on the sales floor. If the item is clearance, it should go on a clearance endcap or aisle (if there is one). If it's not clearance, either give it to a backroom TM to backstock or bring it back to Guest Service and yell at them for not using Smart Sort (it should've gone in Box F as NOP to be backstocked rather than a re-shop cart).

If you're not confused by all that, then you should be fine.
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