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  1. So I have a friend who is studying to become a doctor. Thing is though, he wants to get tattoos, and visible ones too. I'm talking all if not most of his arms and chest/shoulders. We were talking about this and it really got me wondering as to this whole stigma tattoos and piercings have.

    Would you be okay with a tatted doctor? What about with piercings? What do you think? What other careers would you expect this to be a problem as well? Any personal stories too?

    It would really help me out too since I'm debating getting tattoos but am wanting to be a middle school teacher.
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    I can speak only as someone who helps people get jobs and has family members who are teacher (and has multiple tattoos).
    You can get as many tats as you want but make them ones you can cover up, no neck, face, or hands.
    As for piercings, it goes to keeping it to a minimum.
    My daughter has her tongue pierced and hasn't had any problems teaching but I suspect someone with huge plugs or tunnels might.
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    One of our PA's has plenty of tattoos and doesn't cover them up. Nobody has complained about them so far. I'm getting a full sleeve once I can afford it eventually.
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    I don't think tattoos have anything to do with professionalism and I think it's weird that people see them as unprofessional.

    One of the vet techs I take my pets to has a full sleeve and she's great. If my doctor had tats I'd be like ayy where did you get those at because I want some tats and need recommendations for places.
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    I'm a big believer that body modification shouldn't have anything to do with your ability to be competent at a job. However, I see stuff like this and think, no, I wouldn't trust this person as a doctor.


    I think all that can be done, is that companies should do away with absurd policies like no visible tattoos or unnatural hair colors. You should be giving those people the fair opportunity to try for a job, because their personal style choices are usually irrelevant to job performance.
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    I... I drink monster but what the FUCK. Why would anybody get those tattoos?
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    Yeah I don't get it. People just really buy into the marketing, because brands like Monster build a certain image. Naturally people are desperate to belong to something and feel connected, so some people just glom onto this shit I guess. I brush my teeth with Pronamel. I would never get Pronamel tattooed on my body.
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    Putting artwork on your body doesnt make anyone any less credible as a person..thats mearly a stigma.

    Ive seen a few doctors with tattoos and I didnt judge them from what they had on their body.
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    C'mon bro....its fuckin PRONAMEL. LIVE OR DIE THAT SHIT BRAH
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    Chew ice or die trying!
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    I think the stigma of tattoos is a generational thing. I also believe it depends on the vocation in which you're working and the type of tattoos a person has. normally I couldn't care less if someone has tattoos, but i've yet to see a business professional like a doctor or lawyer decked out in a full sleeve or piercings.
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  12. My mom is covered in tattoos from her collarbones down, full sleeves and all. As far as I know, no one has ever said anything to her. She's also an iron worker so they're probably more chill about it though
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  14. I don't have any. I don't want any. I couldn't guarantee they'd match my mood, my outfit, my outlook of the day or my shoes. Not a fan of them on others for the same reason. Does it reflect on professionalism? I had an STL who liked to say "perception is reality". It depends on the audience as well as the tattoo material. Naked bodies swilling booze won't go over too well for a teacher. Also, some are art... some are discount cheap looking. I always wonder about those that complain about being broke, yet can afford an arm or leg full of tats. Food or tattoo? ... you made your choice and you're advertising it.
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    When my niece was in her younger rebellious stage, she had several skull tats on her forearms but - after teaching elementary grades for a few years - she's finally looking to get them removed.
    She'll still have a few on her ankle, shoulder etc but it was getting difficult to conduct a parent-teacher conference with visible & graphic tats front & center.
    While she works in a fairly conservative district, the administration has never said anything about her tats.
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    If I'm dying, I'd focus on the whole, "try not to make me die" part, we'll talk about those tatts later. So no, I wouldn't care if my Doctor had tattoos.
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    While millenials and professional athletes seem to be making tats more mainstream, I mostly still see them on people who are more socio/economically challenged. And, I don't recall ever seeing substantial tats on those that are in a (college educated) professional position.