Retail Haikus

Helping a guest, then a rude guest while the original guest. Then their question from rude guest. Still help original guest who is in disbelief about other guest. I say it happens alot, I would say "one moment, please" once or twice. deaf ears by 2nd guest, then I say, what do you need? The 2nd guest says it & ok. 1st guest, I say, their manners are bad. Sorry for the delay & thank you for patience.
Calling the help desk;
Target India makes me
want to kill myself.
LOVE it. i called three weeks ago, they finally called back. they couldnt pronounce my name, so they called, waited for the operator and said "DOOOOUUUUU". kind of like a zombie. if a zombie worked at a call center. never "hi" "may i speak to". took us four times to figure out who and what it was. i finally gave up after spending 20 minutes telling them everything was fine. but then a different one called back every day for almost a week. i told the etlge to tell them i was fired.


Hasta Ba Rista, Baby!
After calling in a printer that was constantly jamming, tech support called the next day to confirm that "it makes the noise when the printing comes out". Reminds me of the short-lived series "B-team".