So here's a great one.

Online application for a local convenience store chain.

One of their listed job requirements is, you must be able to read, write and speak English at an eighth grade level.

Well, this is the good part.

Whichever one of their eighth grade educated employees who put this add together, spelled it as "eigth."

I assume they also don't know how to use spellcheck prior to posting a business related ad.

I know I will eventually find a job, but I have to admit, it's a bit discouraging to not be hired, to not even get call backs and then to see some of the people who DO have jobs.


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That's OK, I have to replace signage all the time (mind you that means that that it's being done in every Target) because of misspellings.
Those must cost the company thousands of dollars because someone couldn't just run the original graphic through spell check.
Not even going to get into grammar.


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I remember looking at my hometown's police application a long time ago saying applicants must have not used marijuana within the last 9 months. So if has been 10 months, then you are ok.

At my job now, we are supposed to translate very scientific and technical jargon down to the 8th grade level so the general public can understand.


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What scares me is when something comes down from corp with some of the most remedial spelling/grammatical errors. And these are college-educated folk?!
Even more fun is when we get new equipment in & the instructions were written by someone whose first language was NOT english. lol