The new fad...TRASH MOBS


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:facepalm:That's just ....there are just no words. Our store gets trashed badly enough this time of year without this.:facepalm:
Reading the thread title I was thinking this was a complaint about raids in World of Warcraft ;)

Teenagers pretty much already do this at our store. We have mobs of 10 or so at a time come in, wreck the zone and leave without buying anything. Not QUITE as bad as this but still :)
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I will start pouring a end-cap display out of concrete

I'll need someone to paint it with life like stuff on the sharpened 1/2" thick steel shelves

I'm also gonna need at least 3 cameras set up to display all the bleeding that's gonna happen

And I'll post it on you-tube -- so there


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Well, the punching out Justin Beiber wasn't so bad :)

We've got a couple of skateboard kids who work in the backroom and would have to clean up any mess the fckhds who pulled something like this pulled.
I'm sure they would be happy to get their boards and crack a few skulls.