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what kind of music are you listening to right now?

Discussion in 'Off The Clock Chatter' started by DMNDZ bruhh, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. see spot save

    see spot save Team Member

  2. smashandthrash

    smashandthrash The Baddest RC Driver in The West

    Pleased to Meet Me-The Replacements

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  3. smashandthrash

    smashandthrash The Baddest RC Driver in The West

    My favorite Bob Dylan album:


    Nashville Skyline

    Dylan's major Country trek and an album where he altered his singing voice.

  4. commiecorvus

    commiecorvus Former Signing Ninja Moderator

    3rd Man Records Vault was an amazing two record set.
    The first is the live show of The Kills, Dead Weather and William Tyler that they did for Anthony Bourdain's show when he was in Nashville called Live in Disgraceland.
    The other one is a concert that The Raconteurs did in New York ten years ago that was never released till now.
    Live recordings are usually kind of iffy but these are well done and perfectly balanced.
    I don't know if they will be putting them out for general release but if they do, I recommend them.

  5. PaleIrishmen

    PaleIrishmen Team Leader

    Just recently found Night Lovell a few weeks back and He's fucking amazing. Definitely one of the better underground rappers I listen to.
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  6. Pelon1071

    Pelon1071     よろしくま!

    This. It always brings a tear to my eye. So moving and beautiful.

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  7. brizzy93

    brizzy93 Honorary Backroom TM

  8. PaleIrishmen

    PaleIrishmen Team Leader

    Raise your two songs with my two. One of which is also a Tarro remix.

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  9. smashandthrash

    smashandthrash The Baddest RC Driver in The West

    An essential track from the Gothenburg scene. Helped popularize a more melodic form of Death Metal

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  10. oath2order

    oath2order Sexy Bond Girl

  11. oath2order

    oath2order Sexy Bond Girl

    my god.
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  12. qmosqueen

    qmosqueen ETL-Intern

    This time 10 million likes. marina has been my girl for about 8 years now ever since I heard "obsessions ". Also her "how to be a heartbreaker" video wow hot hot.
  13. PaleIrishmen

    PaleIrishmen Team Leader

  14. qmosqueen

    qmosqueen ETL-Intern

    just because this is over 3 years old and i love Swedish music !!

  15. qmosqueen

    qmosqueen ETL-Intern

    more swedish music...

    i don't wanna work work work nothing at all

  16. brizzy93

    brizzy93 Honorary Backroom TM

    I had some soundcloud pages open and finally listened to some new music that I loveeeee

  17. Kaitii

    Kaitii You're gushing all kinds of fluids again

    I've been listening to Unravel covers for hours and this was the best one I came across

    God it's so full of emotion I'm now in love with this man
  18. smashandthrash

    smashandthrash The Baddest RC Driver in The West

    Badass riff. Just super heavy with great groove.

    These guys always made the grooviest Death Metal
  19. brizzy93

    brizzy93 Honorary Backroom TM

  20. PaleIrishmen

    PaleIrishmen Team Leader