What Would You Say If.....

Jun 8, 2011
Not sure if this is in the right area or not. A coworker & I were having lunch after our early AM shift. Of course we were in our Target uniforms & both were wearing Save 5% every day with the RED card shirts. A guest at the next table asked what a red card was. (After staring at us for several minutes as we enjoyed our lunch.) We told him. He said, "I don't like Target. I haven't been there in like 3 months. What makes it any different than Meijers or WalMart." First thing to pop in my head was Target's contributions to education. I also said everyone has their own favorite places to shop. Of course after we left I thought of other things I could have said, but didn't think fast on my feet. IMO if you don't like a particular store it would be much longer between visits. Am I wrong?

What are your thoughts on this? Would you have thought of a snappy comeback without being rude?


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Jun 9, 2011
You could also mention their other contributions to organizations that promote reading, help victims of domestic abuse, arts groups, United Way, aid to military families, disaster response aid to name a few.


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Jun 10, 2011
I would have told him that for me Target is better because of the people.
Every time I've gone into a Target they've been friendly and worked hard to help, not so much in the others. (I don't shop at Wally World period but that's another thread).
Even when I didn't work for Target I always felt that the people there were the best.
Unfortunately most people don't really care about the good things the company does for the community.


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Jun 8, 2011
I honestly get this alot.. and the weird thing is that its usually on my break.. So instead of trying to talk to them, now I just stare at em' for 5mins and then say " IM ON MY BREAK" and proceed to have a loud conversation to my buddy..

Works very well..