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TBRWiki is a wiki supplement to The Break Room forums (www.thebreakroom.org). The wiki is intended as a central repository for all factual knowledge about Target that is dispersed throughout the boards. This will make information much easier to manage and search for: Instead of having many threads with various facts about, for example, the Instocks team, we can now have one page in which to write about the team, the process, and how it affects other parts of the store, for starters.


TBRWiki is a formal, official gathering of all community knowledge. Hence, it is desirable for all pages to be written clearly and concisely, with good grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. Remember that any page is editable by anyone, so don't think you have exclusive rights to a page (besides your User Page). If you have written an article with poor style or incorrect information, it will be edited again by someone at some time; don't be offended and embrace the community effort that this part of the site is.