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Formina Sage's to-do list

  • I own all pages technical/application related. I'm working on a compendium of pda apps and a portal sorta thing. Lots of information to cover.
      • PDA screens for MSPK, verify main menu paths for all applications
      • create RF Apps navbox and transclude to all applicable pages
  • Add Acronym template to all applicable pages

  • noop around on TGTWiki/Workbench for info on

Mr. K.'s tasks

  • How can I help?
  • Position vs Workcenter vs Store Area.
  • General cleanup: categorizing, redirecting, templating, grammar, mechanics, etc.
  • Zone the front end.
  • Communicate goings-on in the Wiki section of the forum.

Tmap98 current stuff

  • myDevice Page
  • myDevice App Page
  • QLn 320 Page
  • Is a PDA page even required when they're being phased out in June?