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Use the following guidelines to create your pages appropriately.


Please make sure that ALL pages you create are associated to at least one category. See the categories page for a list of existing categories that may be applicable to your page.

Store Area vs. Position vs. Workcenter

This is in reference to the categories Category:Store Areas, Category:Positions, and Category:Workcenters. Please note that any page should have at most one of these categories.

Store Area

A page in the Store Areas category should be about the physical location in the store. It should describe the physical characteristics of the area. For example, for the Sales Floor, it would break the Sales Floor down into Hardlines, Softlines, and the Racetrack. Then each would have further description, such as the fact that Hardlines has aisles and endcaps, or that Softlines has carpeting. All store areas should use the {{Store Areas}} navbox template at the bottom of the page to facilitate easy traversing through the various store areas.


A page in the Positions category should be about the clerical side of the position itself. All store-level positions (other than the STL) should use the {{Position (Store)}} template to give quick access to the information. It should also show core roles of the position.


A page in the Workcenter category should be about the daily routines associated with someone scheduled in that Workcenter for a given shift. It should list the routines, the equipment needed, and tips for other TBR members. Anything in this category should be linked from the Workcenters and Workgroups article.


All acronyms should be redirects to a page with the full-titled page. The actual acronym page (which redirects) should be in the Acronyms category, not the main page--that should go in an otherwise appropriate category.


Please attempt to write pages in the best style you can: Good grammar, capitalization, spelling, and punctuation will reduce staff workload and keep the wiki in the best condition possible for the community. If you are unsure of the actual content of the page, please add {{review}} to the top of the page so that it can be marked for review by someone knowledgeable in the subject. You may write drafts of pages to be continued at a later time. Please mark the page as a Work in Progress by adding {{WIP}} to the top of the page.