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    If a team member tells me they think they have COVID and they are experiencing symptoms am I required to tell them to go home ?
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    Hey I’m a fairly new team lead... how do your coaching conversations go ? As far as attendance or performance.. examples would help. Also do you necessarily have to let someone know you are coaching them ?
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    Coaching questions

    Do I need to say specific words when coaching a team member? What are some coaching guidelines? Also how many times a week should I be documenting my coaching’s ?
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    Beauty/tech Tl

    I’m coming from from the front end so It’s completely new territory
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    Beauty/tech Tl

    For those who still have this role in your store . What are some of the routines and responsibilities are a beauty and tech tl
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    Would computer science qualify for the tuition reimbursement? The

    I’m still deciding my major but I was considering being like an IT manager in the future. I was also considering like marketing but I’m not sure