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    picking up extra shifts?

    It should be like a piece of paper on a bulletin board located in the staff room, next to lockers maybe. Or next to the scheduling on the wall. At least that's how it is for my Target.
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    Background check and Orientation

    Hallelujah! I finally got a hold of HR today (called at 10:30am) and informed them that I received a verbal job offer from my interviewer last week. Boom. Seasonal job offer and background check sent to myWorkDay right away. I finished filling out the authorization for the background check and...
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    I’m in the same boat with you regarding HR never answering their calls. I finally got ahold of them though! Try calling between 8-5pm on Mon-Fri. I call around 10:30am. If Guest Services pick up the phone call, ask to check your hiring status. And when’s the best time to call back HR. I don’t...
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    When will I hear back from HR?

    That makes perfect sense. I’ll try again at an earlier time. How can I get ahold of HR’s email?
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    When will I hear back from HR?

    I usually call around noon on M-F, but they seem to never be available or around. I'm always told to leave my name and number, and they will get back to me in the next few days.
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    When will I hear back from HR?

    I haven't received the job offer email yet. It was only a verbal job offer by the interviewer.
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    When will I hear back from HR?

    It took about a week for Target to call me after applying to schedule an interview. Did the interview a little over a week ago and was told that they would like to move forward with the hiring process and I should be expecting an official job offer and background check email. I have yet to...