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    Archived Gift Registries Moving To iPads?

    I remember thinking (along with everyone else) that it was the GSTL at my old store.
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    Archived Shop at target?

    I used to do all my food / necessity shopping there, but ever since we stopped selling the malt-o-meal cereal, I had to go to WalMart for that. I prefer to do my shopping at Target after a dayshift at all possible just to save myself an extra trip. When I happen to get another job, hard to say...
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    No more insurance for part time team members!

    I don't know about putting it in a special colored box, but you could always change the font color. That's what I do personally when I've modded elsewhere.
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    To that one Team Member I - ARCHIVED

    To the GSA last night, if I'm scheduled for four hours, I'm entitled to my 15 minute break. Just because we we're going to leave right at close so I would've only worked 3 1/2 hours is not my fault. Joke's on you though. You sent me out half an hour before close to get the remaining carts (all...
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    Archived So How did Black Thurs. Go For You?

    I can't speak for the entire store, but everything seemed to go pretty smooth on our end. Probably didn't die down until 2am or so if I had to guess. I was a bit surprised how easy the night was. I'm no stranger to opening Black Friday, but I've only ever done carts, not fitting room. I...
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    Archived Dumb questions from Guests......really..... you have to ask?

    They may not even be aware of that. I remember when I first started (before figuring it out on my own randomly) that I would back out entirely and have them reswipe their card as well.
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    To that one guest

    To the guest who called early last night to complain about the way we handled crowd control and then threatened to not shop here last night. Really? I've had several people throughout the night commend us for how we handle everything. And to the guest who came in at 8:30pm who didn't care...
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    Archived Now it's posted, what's your schedule for Thanksgiving and Black Friday?

    Opening 7:45pm - 4:30am back in the fitting room. No stranger to opening on Black Friday, but I've always been carts. Not sure what to expect being in the fitting room that night as I'd imagine not too many people will actually be trying on clothes.
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    Archived Anyone joining the "crazies" on Black Friday(Thursday) to shop?

    I don't presently know my schedule yet, but the chances are somewhat low. I shopped at opening last year to take advantage of a misprint in our ad, but otherwise I wouldn't have. Granted, at that time of night, if I'm not working, I'll be heading home from my parents most likely so there is a...
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    Archived Spot Announces 8PM opening (Confirmed with Associated Press)

    You could always injure yourself the day of. Kind of difficult working through an ankle sprain.
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    Archived Did you know people in your store outside of Target before working there?

    I've worked at two different Targets. The first was relatively close to me, but in a different state so didn't know anybody there and the one I'm at now I moved here a few years back so once again, all new faces to me.
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    To that one Team Member I - ARCHIVED

    To the GSA from the other night. I don't even know why I bother even trying to argue with you anymore. Yes, the carts weren't bad when I came in that night, I'll give you that, but even still, would it kill you to have me go outside for even five minutes just to fill it up completely? Since...
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    Archived Having trouble logging into EHR, help?

    My first guess would be to reset your password. It seems that the computer no longer will tell you that you need to reset your password as I had that issue myself a couple weeks back.
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    Target Memes

    I think we're all guilty for various reasons. If I'd actually be scheduled for 40 hours, I'd work them no problem whatsoever. But if I'm off, I hate having to come in and ruin one of my off days. The same goes for when I have the rare non-closing shift. For once I'm not closing, why would I want...
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    To that one Team Member I - ARCHIVED

    To the GSA last night, I hope that the entire team only getting one red card during your shift has opened up your eyes a bit. You always give me a hard time and it feels like you're implying I'm not trying hard enough as I can never seem to get any (much less when you're working). Hopefully you...