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    backroom bailing out flow team...again

    In our store everyone helps the flow team. NO ONE helps the backroom team. And yet they seem to think we can backstock the truck with three people.
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    hows the bullseye been

    This is perhaps the best response to any post that has ever appeared on any forum in the history of the known universe. Target wants robots. Red and khaki, politically correct robots. And if you don't think they are trying to figure out how to replace you with one, then you need to get...
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    Will I get written up?

    I doubt you will be. If you don't have a recurring problem with this you shouldn't worry. They probably changed you in the system so it wouldn't show up on the reports. Now if it becomes a habit.....
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    Lazy LOD's??

    I get what you are saying. However in our case it is usually one of our Senior TLs that open or close the store. Rarely is there an exec there after 6 or 7 pm. They don't help with the compactor/baler. They cop an attitude about opening the CO. It's pretty bad when we have execs from other...
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    Lazy LOD's??

    StateofTarget, I appreciate your opinion but I hardly think I am being deliberately hard-headed. Especially not when the LODs in my store won't even answer the LOD calls. I understand what you are trying to say but I can promise you that after many years of working with the Big Red...
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    Fitting room

    We took the chair out a long time ago. We had operators who just sat there all night. The operators now have to help with the zone in RTW. If it's the right person, they can get most of RTW completed by themselves and still answer the phone.
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    Lazy LOD's??

    Our new DTL doesn't seem like he believes in the "hands off" approach either. He has been talking to the regular TLs and TMs on every visit. Funny, as a manager I always felt that you should be getting your hands dirty. How am I supposed to lead a team if I don't show any interest in what is...
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    Backroom location frustration

    Well, to be fair I have been getting stuff from our DC with the old 2-day ad labels on them. So it is possible those items aren't old. Unlocated, but not necessarily old. We had a pretty massive sweep after Thanksgiving that sent back tons of the 2-day items we didn't sell. Now I am seeing...
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    Backroom location frustration

    Look at your team member location accuracy report. See what is going on with M-deletes. If you have a team member who is lazy and just deletes their way through a pull instead of actually double checking, then checking again I guarantee they are messing up your location. Also you need to...
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    Where can I get the 2 weeks form?

    You will still have to fill out the voluntary termination form. If you have insurance and/or a 401K they have to know what you are going to do with those. You can get the form from an Exec if no HR is around.
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    Feeling Brain Dead

    That is their ace in the hole. They always have a reason to fire you if you never do anything right.
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    Lazy LOD's??

    I was told point blank by my STL that it "wasn't an ETLs job to help out the team". He said that it was their job to make sure we are completing the tasks. He also told me I should not be helping my team. Instead I should be watching the team and making notes and coaching my direct reports...
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    Target Memes

    This is so true. Sad but funny. Especially since we have all new ETLs in our store and there are only 5 TLs with any work experience at all. They all wander around and try to delegate tasks to a non-existent team. Very sad.
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    Target Memes

    Best meme evar!
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    Target Memes

    Wait until it's over. You really won't want to live. Period.