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    Next Payday - Thanksgiving?

    Update: I got paid on Wednesday morning.
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    What Do You Do With Painful Feet?

    Besides the above suggestions I would get two pairs of shoes to wear to work and rotate them every other day. I wouldn't wear anywhere else except at work.
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    Can upper mangement take you out of a deptment with out your say so

    I would ask them whether this is permanent and go from there. Do you have the same ETL over Cafe and Market?
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    Next Payday - Thanksgiving?

    I have direct deposit and normally get paid Thursdays. However my next payday is Thanksgiving so when do I get paid? Thanks.
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    Christmas Eve 2020 store hours?

    If I was on the closing crew I would have left at my time on the schedule. Last year our store closed at 9:00 PM on Christmas Eve so I guess 8:00 is better. The fast food and restaurant in front of my store closes at 6:00 on Christmas Eve.
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    Proposed termination date

    I hope you put in your notice through Workday with the your last day shown. If so print a copy of it and/forward it to your personal email address showing your last day is November 26th. If Target still schedules you after November 26th that is no longer your concern. Good luck.
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    I'm just venting

    I had heard we going 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM in December. However the obviously moved it up which is why our HR ETL was doing the schedule at 8:00 PM this past Friday. She had to run around and adjusted the schedule and there still isn't coverage for those hours. Unfortunately another example of...
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    Vacation Time before putting in notice

    I would see when you get your new job and go from there. You have to weigh whether losing the those 3.5 weeks of vacation is offset by the new job. I would assume at this point you will loose some of that vacation. In any industry banking that much vacation, sick pay, etc. is always risky...
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    is it worth it?

    So let's assume you tell Target you want to be a TL. Then they should give you: 1) WRITTEN job offer detailing your new positions, pay, benefits, etc. 2) FIRM start date 3) WHERE you will be working. Spot is good about putting a potential TL "on the bench" to evaluate them further. You...
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    Verbal Job Offer

    That the fact that they hired you so quickly is a big red flag IMHO. That being said you should get a formal offer in a few days. I would also tell them that you want to talk to some of the TMs that are currently working at the Starbucks. Good luck.
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    Verbal Job Offer

    What is the position?
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    Verbal Job Offer

    This is confusing. Did you even have a phone and/or face-to-face interview at Target?
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    Anniversary gift cards

    I got a CA on my fifth anniversary and then CONVENIENTLY got a note from the SD stating I would get another $25 on my next paycheck. My name and date were a different ink color than the body of the note so the SD just writes a bunch of these at once and passes them out as needed.
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    New Register POS

    Do you mean the guest services software isn't ready yet? Our regular lanes have had the new POS since March or so.
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    Q4 Availability Form

    I didn't change my Q4 availability because TARGET CAN DENY MY AVAILABILITY CHANGE IF I WANT TO CHANGE IT BACK. In my case I don't work until 2:00 PM on Sundays.