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    To that one Team Member - II

    TTOTM who wears his mask under his nose and still wanted my help with the order he was picking: I know from a previous conversation with you that you don't take this virus thing seriously and suspect you're not vaccinated. If you really wanted my help, you would have complied with my request...
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    Black out months and how to get time off

    Wow, your TL might be willing to work with you, but we're coming into the maxxed out busiest time of the year for retail. What were you expecting? If I was your TL and you didn't bring this up during the interview, I'd have a hard time being okay with it. You were hired as additional seasonal...
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    ETL Weekends

    Well, some of us worker bee TMs work every single weekend, both days, and have a couple of non-consecutive weekdays off. And we don't get the bonuses ETLs do. So even if the OP's statement is true, I'm not really feeling sorry for ETLs who have to work every weekend during Q4.
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    Charity donation per paycheck

    I don't make a statement to not donate to a certain cause. I fill out my form to donate to a certain cause. Not sure the form even allows for a negative "don't send my money to __" statement.
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    Charity donation per paycheck

    No, Target doesn't gain anything other than good will within the community for making the option available to TMs. I donate a small amount each paycheck to a neighborhood community center a few blocks from my house. I could claim the cumulative donation as a charitable contribution on my tax...
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    BRLA and OFOs

    Yes. This happened to me last year and it took a while for me to catch on to what was happening. Good reminder for me to back stock my seasonal product differently and maybe avoid the same thing happening this year.
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    BRLA and OFOs

    Considering how many times a year Seasonal resets, I imagine this is an ongoing challenge. Is your backroom space organized? I made signs with 3x5 index cards so others will backstock with some consistency when other TMs are pushing truck in my area. (Not entirely effective, but I think it...
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    1for1 productivity

    I pulled batches for my usual DBO area plus Pets, Chems, Paper, and Stationery today (no truck for our store on Sundays so very few DBOs were scheduled). Wish I'd kept track of how long it took me. Definitely my own area (OTC & Personal Care) goes faster because I know where everything goes...
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    Target should switch to paper bags from plastic

    This is an issue that appears to be easy but really isn't. I'm one of the weird ones who saves all my plastic bags to re-use at home, even taping small holes so I can use them as trash can liners. When there was a movement afoot to ban plastic shopping bags, I started hoarding them, sort of. ;-)
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    To that one Team Member - II

    TTOTM who recently promoted themselves to guest: Gee, thanks so much for quitting the way you did. I knew you'd been unhappy with your job for a while. When you said you'd been looking for something else, I asked if you could at least give me a heads up since we worked so closely together. And...
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    Never knew the rivalry was This bad....

    Some pranksters on TikTok may be looking at criminal charges for their childish behavior. The latest challenge is to vandalize school rest rooms and some schools are seeing lots of damage done, maybe venturing into felony territory.
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    Frustrated with spiderwraps/security boxes

    Just showed the Kitchen DBO yesterday the trick one of the Electronics TMs showed me years ago for getting a tight wrap on appliance boxes. Have an Electronics TM show you tips and tricks - I struggled with putting them on and taking them off until I did that and now they're almost always easy...
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    Never knew the rivalry was This bad....

    Maybe I'm just too old to see the humor in this, but what a silly waste of time and effort. Seems awfully childish.
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    Fall tm bonus

    Wait, what's this bonus about? If I heard about this, it must have gone into the mental recycling bin.
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    Guest using our stepstools

    I'm short and constantly using the ladder. I keep it tucked against a wall next to my 3-tier until I'm done with truck. So far so good.