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    One For Ones

    Seriously! I do these pulls 5 mornings a week and I organize my cart in the same way every time. That means I can bang it out super fast and get into pushing my truck and all the rest of it. This is good, but like @seasonaldude did, I organize my cart in a certain way. I've walked into my back...
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    One For Ones

    I, for one, hate it when someone pulls a one-for-one and leaves it for me to push the next day. Invariably, stuff is just thrown into the cart, with no care for keeping like things together. Even two of the same product aren't kept together. So I spend almost as much time sorting everything as...
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    To that one Team Member - II

    My store's SD, and really the whole TL and ETL team, has been helpful too. Sad that not every store has leadership like this. They'll help with truck push so a DBO can work on POGs, or the reverse if a DBO struggles with the POG thing.
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    To that one Team Member - II

    TTOTM who pushes my truck on the day I'm not scheduled: Okay, I've given up on you with the overstocking. But please, learn how to use your zebra and how to read a shelf tag and put things in the right places. I get it - my OTC repacks can be boogers. Still, it's just not okay to put the $15...
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    MEGATHREAD myDay app

    Um, yeah, that would be gross! I'm going to use your trick about removing the "repackaged" part of the sticker. My DBO area is OTC and personal care - not items anyone would want to buy if they really are repackaged. A box of maxi pads that gets sort of smooshed still has perfectly good product...
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    Specialty Fellow tm not backstocking

    I think you can say something about it without calling out that one TM directly. Surely, your fulfillment TL is aware that something glitchy is going on. Back before the DBO model was put in place and we had one TM, not a bad worker at all, who did all the revisions for the whole store, I...
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    Leaning cardboard?

    This. Please, please, please. It's so annoying when TMs (it's not usually vendors at my store) fill it up with un-broken down boxes and don't borrow a key to crush it or call on the walkie, leaving it for the next person to come up with a u-boat full of cardboard, properly broken down, and...
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    Leaning cardboard?

    We were told at our store that this isn't good for the baler and we weren't supposed to do it. Some TMs still do though.
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    To that one Team Member - II

    Wow, are you at my store? No idea who it is who sometimes zones in my area, but it makes me crazy when they do it in such a way as to make it look sort of neat but actually makes more work for me. Please. Just leave it alone if you can't do it right.
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    Target’s Stance on Marijuana

    The honor system? Yeah, right. I used to be far more trusting of people. But working in retail and seeing the way people steal so much stuff and just mess things up generally for the fun of it has changed my mind. I know you're talking about TMs and not guests, but still. I used to do HR work...
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    How Do You Feel?

    You say you've told your ETL that you don't need a lot of oversight, and so it sounds like they don't micro-manage you. That's good! But it can go too far in the other direction too. What happens when you actively seek out help? Or do you just assume that someone will notice you need help and...
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    To That One Guest - II

    Yes, I know. It's just that my brain does not work that way, never has, and I don't understand people who pull these stunts. Don't think I especially want to understand them either.
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    To That One Guest - II

    Well, that's nervy. It's not even concealing what they're stealing. Probably shouldn't be surprised anymore what people will do, having working in retail for a while and Target not being my first retail job. People can be such jerks. Seems like some of our long-term cashiers might notice the...
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    Secret Bonus Again?

    Where do you get that? I see the same problem that @Zxy123456 does. There are TMs at my store who chitchat, more than just a little and during every shift, when I'm busting my butt to get all of my truck pushed. My TL recognizes what I do, but no one seems to see the lazy ones who dink around.
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    Cut Hours

    If your store has been hit with covid like mine has, they might have you on a lighter schedule on purpose, to let you sort of ramp up. My store has had TMs come back from a covid leave only to see them not be able to hack it just yet and other TMs are back to covering for them. Or it could be...