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    Archived Store tie application

    I too am curious about the impact on replenishment. Also being as you can not do a New POG fill, does it assume that when you set the capacity that the endcap is 100% full, just curious as to how this is going to affect the sales accumulator.
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    Archived Backstock % Driving me crazy.

    It is my understanding that Transition, Repacks, Assortment cartons do not count for the backstock % regardless of whether it is scanned or not? So this is not the case? Our scanner usually does scan the Transtion cartons then marks them with an S for Stage.
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    Archived The Low volume store blues.

    Because in the new PTM bestpractice it states that the Salesfloor team leads are to OWN their area's, they (The salesfloor teamleads) are to review the MPG report weekly on Mondays and pull there product from the backroom using the backroom detail report. Yes other teams are involved in the PTM...
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    Archived The Low volume store blues.

    I did actually refresh myself on setting sales planners best practice just 3 days ago, and also the updated PTM, Instocks Best practice (I make it a point to check these regular being as Target likes to change so often). Its the salesfloor team leads responsibility to fill home locations then...
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    Archived Discount card question

    i'm surprised your ETL-HR has not gone over it with you yet, just ask them. there is a list of guidelines
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    Archived The Low volume store blues.

    Yeah If I hear "you are the manager of your business" one more time... How exactly are we supposed to manage our business if were not allowed to manage our business. And this, how is an ETL that is fresh out of college with no work history supposed to know what to do, when the experienced team...
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    Archived The Low volume store blues.

    Follow Sales planner best practice and backstock it, They don't even own their PTM process, I could safely say that maybe 1 and that's being generous even knows how to pull the D-Code report, rather than all 3 of them sitting up in TSC for 3 hours every morning deciding when they are going to...
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    Archived The Low volume store blues.

    Honestly and I know I should not say it, but.. I just don't give a crap now. There used to be a time i'd stay till 3 or 4 o'clock and backstock the truck. Then as you say my ETL whined that I had to cut hours on the weekends, and it upset some of the lazy SF-TL's. So come 12.15 i'm outtie, not...
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    Archived The Low volume store blues.

    Well I was told by my ETL-HL that our STL told him that she did not want to use them in case at the end of the month we did not make sales and we would have to pay them back. So assuming we do make sales the rest of the week they will use them right at the end of the last week, which is too...
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    Archived The Low volume store blues.

    Its gotten so bad, last Friday I had an all day meeting in preparation for P-Fresh remodel and because a few business partners turned up to give us there talk about what was happening our STL had bagels and like 4 or 5 different types of cream cheese, and I could not eat it. I was just sitting...
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    Archived The Low volume store blues.

    We are to Saturday, we beat sales by 10K and they will not let me use the flex time. Its frustrating to say the least.
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    Archived The Low volume store blues.

    Ugh... Its that time of year again. Don't get me wrong I do love my job, but there are times... let me tell you, there are times, when I just want to scream..This just happens to be one of those times. I'm a backroom and instocks team lead in a low volume store and just so stressed at the...
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    Archived Why don't Target use HotSchedules?

    If this was facebook I would "LIKE" this. lol
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    Archived Consequences for calling in too often?

    If your TL does a check for understanding then talk to them. I know personally when I notice one of my team members calling in continuously I first look to see if there are patterns for example every pay day Friday etc. If they have had more than 3 call ins in a month I talk to the team member...
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    Archived Red 360

    You can access it from home, yes. Maybe it does not support all browsers.