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    Is this Real Life? (A Market vent thread)

    Anyone else get an absurd amount of marshmallows? We got two pallets of them, over 1400 on hand...
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    805 times regular employees pay

    Alright then, what if we divided up his money among all the employees? There's over 400,000 Target employees, so divide 77 million by 400k, and you get $192 per employee. Assuming you work 1500 hours each year, that'd be equivalent to a 13 cent raise. Not exactly life changing.
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    805 times regular employees pay

    Yep, that's what you get paid for running and growing one of the largest retail chains in the country.
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    Playing Music In Target?

    Michael Franti & Spearhead - Work Hard and Be Nice One of my least favorite songs that I've heard. The lyrics are so horribly cheesy I feel like I need to take some lactase listening to it.
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    Where can I get the keycard?

    To be fair, it's only been possible to use your card to clock in/out since they installed the new tablet timeclocks. And I still clock in by typing in my number because it's faster than getting the discount card in and out of my wallet.
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    New Brand: Favorite Day

    There's a learning about the brand for consumable TMs. It says you should approach guests to enthusiastically talk about the new brand, and to show them products and to specifically point out the "inspiring" taglines on the boxes. Surely they wrote this as a joke. There is no way TMs are going...
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    MEGATHREAD myDay app

    Anyone else having to backtrack in pulls a lot? For instance I did a pull yesterday, only about 30 tasks all in one aisle, went through each section down the aisle, until I got to the end and it wanted things back in C and E of the aisle. Why didn't it have me pull them earlier?? Everything is...
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    Music in Stores

    You might be able to talk to your PML about having the volume turned down a little, but they aren't going to completely turn it off.
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    How to take from backstock using myday?

    Scan the item, press "item details", press "take", scan the location, and enter the amount you're taking out.
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    Alani Nu

    The energy drink? We have plenty of it, I don't remember what vendor it is but they're one of our regular ones that bring other stuff in as well.
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    COVID-19 Vaccine

    That's how they get you. They entice you with a couple of free hours for getting vaccinated, but then you end up calling off the next day and saving them 4-8 hours! 🙃
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    Inaccurate one for ones?

    The system should only have you pull an item if it says the quantity on the floor is less than the total capacity of all the locations. Make sure both of those are accurate, and it should be fine. It's also possible your backroom locations are set up wrong as case stock instead of open stock...
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    Easter week Extremely Busy as Hell

    Yesterday was like a Saturday for us. I don't remember it being quite this bad 4 days before Christmas.
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    Mask Patrol

    Florida's death rate per capita is below the national average, which I think is pretty good considering how much older the population is there.
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    COVID-19 Vaccine

    The mask mandate going away here didn't noticeably change the number of people not wearing a mask at my store. The people who don't wear masks don't really care about the mandates anyway.