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    Outage Apology: Bonus 10% Off Owned Brands July 13

    This is interesting. I heard about this on the 15th. And so did alot of my co-workers. If the heard about it at all. I know they say when you get older your eyes play tricks on ya. Just having a B-day. But I don't recall any info being posted ANY WHERE in my store. But I could be wrong
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    Guest say the darndest (dumbest) things

    A zebra definitely helps at my store isn't enough to go around. I liked to try and get to my guest before they have to ask for help. Which takes alot of multi tasking. Captain Obvious can be a bit frustrating. But that is the" nature of the Beast " so to speak.
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    Guest say the darndest (dumbest) things

    Yes, there is alot more to SCO than standing in one place( good luck with that one). Which proves your point about being asked dumb questions from Captain Obvious while trying to give the best customer service at the same time praying nothing being stolen.