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    Is any other store doing overnight?

    We’re having shifts from 2am to 11:45p…going overnight without actually going overnight.
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    I guess I will never have my own set of keys for powered equipment...

    We just have sets to checkout in the key box by guest services…
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    Examples of Leadership stealing time

    They could be on break? Almost all of the leaders I’ve ever worked with who smoked only did it during their lunch or break.
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    Access 401K on Alight and benefits

    So, when you login into pay & benefits, it has you choose to use your SSO or your user name/password. Where it says to use your username/password, there a link for a new user. Follow those steps and you’ll setup a pay and benefits account for an inactive team member.
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    Are your stores meeting sales goals so far this year?

    I feel like the forecasts are out of whack. We’re still comping up +5%, but we’ve missed a lot of forecasts this month. So many guests are traveling and spending their money differently, so the idea you’re going to be able to grow sales at the same pace seem a little short sided. Also, with...
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    3 hour shift????

    Yes, three hours is the minimum shift time required to schedule. I know there’s a pilot going on where GM is given three hours for Reverse Tasks like ESIM, Sweeps, and IRs with F&B owning vendors. It’s possible they starting this up but haven’t rolled it to everyone yet.
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    Target posts a stunning drop in profit. Stock plunges

    For sure. Walmart semis drivers, for the most part, are Walmart; whereas, our drivers are a third party. I imagine those companies will have to start to transition to something more cost effective if Target starts to tighten cost controls. Also, with the pod system they are piloting, it...
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    Service & Engagement How does is Target leads supposed to handle mental health accommodations?

    I think a lot of the issues stem from a misunderstanding of the ADA. It’s there to require your employer to provide reasonable accommodations so that you can perform the same job as someone without an accommodation. With mental health, it’s really hard because a lot of the accommodations...
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    What are these Metrics?

    Greenfield does provide stocking goals for freight based on each custom block. It doesn’t account for back-stocking and clean-up. I think 60 cartons an hour is a flex goal, but it’s more like 50. I think food is 40 because of FEFO. Unless you’re in an area with heavy detrash like dec home, I...
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    Target posts a stunning drop in profit. Stock plunges

    Target doesn’t allow you to invest in Target for your 401k anymore. All of them were rebalanced a few years ago, as the last recession wiped out alot of team members funds, as holding significant stock in one company is ultra high risk. 401k underperforming now are just due to the stock market...
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    Target posts a stunning drop in profit. Stock plunges

    A lot of the money Target made was used for stock buybacks which reduce the amount of outstanding shares to inflate the stock price. The biggest risk of that is exactly what we are seeing now…
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    Target posts a stunning drop in profit. Stock plunges

    I thought it was funny they mentioned having to rent off site storage so stores didn’t get too full. The amount of freight out in the network must be mind blowing, if even with such heavy pushes to the stores and still we’re have to rent space.
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    Target posts a stunning drop in profit. Stock plunges

    It’s similar to our store, but are comps are +5%…I think the goals and forecasts are out of whack. We’re not in the same environment we’ve been in the last two years. Also, our company is still growing sales vs a lot of our competitors. It’s just costs are through the roof.
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    What's the real price?

    Fact tags aren’t behind museum glass or anything and are only a pain if you’re not using the sticky labels in the first place (price labels should be printed on them anyways.) For the most part, there’s not a way to generally cut corners with price change or it’ll bite you later on. Just do it...
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    "SCO" in regular checklanes?

    I was at the Santa Fe store a while back and their SCOs just had cash drawers. When you use cash, it has the “Team Member on the Way” message and they sign in and make change like a non-SCO transaction.